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I received an email from Dell Credit regarding Comenity Bank is taking over and I also received an email the steps to follow. Oct. 10th I contacted Comenity Bank because my payment is due on the 17th of every month. I was told they could not locate my account. In my email I clicked the link to register and put in the information that was requested and again told account not found. I contacted Comenity Bank several times regarding this and I have been given multiple numbers which I have contacted and was told several times my account has transitioned to Comenity Bank. I confirmed with Dell that Comenity has my account and I do not have a business account. I was told twice my account is being escalated to IT department and tonight I was told they have no IT department. Even worse supervisor at Comenity applied for credit without my knowledge and now I have a hard inquiry and I was made aware of this ONLY by a letter I received saying I have to lift my credit freeze, I HAVE NO CREDIT FREEZE! I ALREADY have credit! I just want to make my payments so this doesn't ruin my credit which I have been working so hard on.

Desired outcome: I want my account found, I want my account in good standing with my available credit of $2000 and I want all late fees removed and I do NOT want a application for credit because I already have credit.