Coles Supermarkets Australia / the lack of containers available in the recent container promotion where bonus credits were earned for every $20 spent at coles with flybuys


On 19 June 2019 I happily went to Coles at Erina Fair to collect my containers I'd been saving credits towards since the beginning of the promotion. I had accumulated 50 container credits and had saved them to choose the larger sizes. This was a couple of weeks before the offer ended. When I asked where the containers were I was told they had all gone. Fifty (50) credits meant that I had spent more than $1000; more meaning there were times when I would have spent may be $30 but earned one credit. Not all purchases were even multiples of $20. I asked if there were containers available anywhere else but was told they couldn't help me with that. I was so disappointed as Coles is my regular supermarket and the usual 'rewards' are toys, etc. for which I have absolutely no use. As well as no containers being available to me, my dockets up to the closing date of 2 July were still showing me I was accumulating credits. These messages still printing on my dockets was very misleading. Coles has a lot of supermarket competition at Erina with Woolworths, Aldi, IGA, Harris Farm all close together. I have lost confidence in your advertising and feel poorly treated. I would appreciate being contacted regarding this matter. My email is [protected]

Jul 11, 2019

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