Coca - Colae-mail for winning 500000 pounds!

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I procured a coca cola bottle of 200 ml when I just trying to open that I found some foreign material floating in that. If any of your representative wants to see that bottle pl. prior to that I goes to media contact me at the earliest.
Bottle details are as follows


For this shameful act from your company I will definitely go to higher authorities that you people are playing with health of our countries people.

Two days earlier same incident I saw on TV and it was not expected that it happen with me very next day.

Same letter will be forwarded to your host and WHO. But before that I would like that any senior executive come and see this shameful act of practice

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    I meant the bottom of the can has a bump like you can stand and up and it has no zinc to it black there were three 12 packs that we got I can head drop them or something I don't know


  • Ga
    gary princz Dec 22, 2007

    Here is another one,

    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded
    Coca-Cola draws. Your e-mail has won £500,000.00 in the Coca-Cola
    2007 online Promo. Contact your Claims Agent (Mrs Anne Campbell) for
    verification and clearance process of your file via this email:
    [email protected]

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  • Do
    dorien Jul 20, 2008

    My boyfriend did also get an email about winning £500, 000.00 and they said that the cheque was sended to us. But after allmost 2 weeks we still didn't see any cheque!!

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  • Ca
    Captain Dragan Oct 30, 2008

    From when coca cola use Hotmail as they primary mail.

    I hate it.

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  • Mikon8er Oct 17, 2010

    That is just some [censor] using Coca Cola's name in the scam. That is NOT the company that was contacting you, just some con-artist.

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  • Cl
    clariszse Mar 15, 2011

    We bought 6 pk of 16. 9oz and no carbonation. Here is the date code apr1111 lwf11372.

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  • Ra
    ravikant singh Jul 11, 2011

    sir im received a sms from ur company my mobile no has won 500000, 00 GBP in 2011 coca cola mobile award my name is ravikant singh & no is 9815170829 plz call me

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  • Ka
    Kashish_Shrm Sep 03, 2011

    Today, I purchased 24 cans coca cola zero packet but did not find any code

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  • Jb
    jbfirebird Sep 04, 2011

    your code is ID10T

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  • Ai
    AISHAAL Feb 12, 2012

    I had got an e-mail informing about prize win of 500, 000 $ from COCA COLA PRIZE; the sender use that email adress :[email protected] is dr alyssandra gannon MSN

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  • Ma
    Mary Trudeau Lame Jan 06, 2019

    Recent purchase of D. Coke 20 fluid ounce bottles has unpleasant taste/aftertaste not present in D. Coke 16 oz cans purchased in 30 pack.
    Product information Feb 11 19KHA
    1830 3
    Recent individual purchases of D. Coke do not taste right. This taste is not seen in D. Coke cans recently purchased as a 30 pack.

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  • Ra
    Ranjith 1438 Jan 22, 2019

    Not delivery my home, pay 2 lake 50 thousands

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  • Bu
    Buddhika roshan8 Jan 23, 2019

    I got message saying my mobail number has won£500000 pound coca cola uk.i got message on this number.0766993082.
    My mobail number is it truth.

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  • Ro
    RORYbotha Feb 11, 2019

    Found a rusty metal piece in my sprite

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  • Je
    Jennifer Bolen Mar 02, 2019

    I have been to different restaurants in different towns and the beverage mellow yellow taste like soap. It is very disappointing that this is an issue and hope it is remedied

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  • Co
    Connie Boudreau Apr 02, 2019

    I purchased a 12 pk from Walmart in Mount Vernon Mo. I opened a can today and an object came out in my mouth. 3/27/19 Don't care what it is. I deserve compensation. I cleaned my teeth and brushed my mouth and still feels nasty. Felt like bandage material looked used. Just a guess.

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  • Na
    Nana's Home Apr 21, 2019

    We purchased two 6-packs of 16.9 oz bottles of coke at our Wal-Mart in Elkton Md 21921 on April 12th. This store is re-doing all of there sections in the entire store and it seems things are jusst throw everywhere. Both 6-packs of soda were flat. Can this be human error?
    Upc code: 0 49000 02468 5
    Proof of purchase 2017-00392 .5 L 6PK

    Mrs. Weaver

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  • An
    Angie Smith-Stevens Apr 30, 2019

    I open the 12 pack of coke and 2 of the cans were empty. Would be okay if it was the first time but it's not. I have drank coke cola for years. I am very upset. At 6.00 a 12 pack I would think you could take more care of how's it's package.

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  • Me
    Mehedi Hasan Shihab May 08, 2019

    I have got a message from cocacola that I have won GB£500, 000.00 in cocacola mobile draw.I want to know about that is true or fack.plz clearify that phone number 01727355901

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  • Sa
    Sandrame May 14, 2019

    An employee of the company, was driving reckless on the N2, exceeding the speed limit and cut infront of our vehicle, causing us to brake and give way as we took the turn off for duinefontein, time 16h27 the 8th May 2019.

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  • Di
    DINESH KUMAR May 15, 2019

    i am a new customer in Kanpur UtterPradesh .my self Dinesh Kumar and new restaurant pizza celebration open in 20 march 2019. i submitted all me documents to company employee. but none spoken me what happening about my documentation. this the bad service by the Kanpur staff. shameless person.

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  • An
    Andrew Carr May 18, 2019

    Recently your governor signed a anti abortion bill and will not buy your products. I will not give money where your are located and will buy Pepsi and your company has been put on a boycott list and profits and sales and economy will tank 100 stars are moving there filming to other states.

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  • Da
    Danny E. Miller May 22, 2019

    Because you have decided to place the logo of Ramadan with a crescent. To celebrate that religion that hates everything American is unbelievable. As of this date I will no longer be purchasing any coke products

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  • Ga
    Gabby917 Jun 23, 2019

    I recently purchased several 8 packs of bottled coke. At least one 8 pack is flat and has been dumped down the drain. What can be done to resolve this matter?
    Thank you
    Gail Bachy
    [email protected]

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  • El
    elwoodon Jun 29, 2019

    Lately, a lot of Coke Zero 710ml bottles, recently purchased, lack carbonation.

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  • Ja
    Jane Prewitt Jul 06, 2019

    I purchased a twelve pack of caffeine free coke at Jewel in West Chicago, Illinois recently and one of the cans is sealed but empty. How do I go about getting a replacement? The information on the bottom of the can is as follows:


    Do I take the can to the store? I don't have a receipt.

    Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

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  • Ja
    Jane Prewitt Jul 07, 2019

    I purchased a twelve pack of caffeine free coke at Jewel in West Chicago, Illinois recently and one of the cans is sealed but empty. How do I go about getting a replacement? The information on the bottom of the can is as follows:


    Do I take the can to the store? I don't have a receipt.

    Thank you for your anticipated assistance.

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  • Ti
    Tiberiu Ioan Ionescu Jul 08, 2019

    Tuesday 2nd July 2019 driving west on I70 in Indians trailer number 18712 almost created a huge accident driving 70Mph swerving from right to left lane. Company should do something about drivers with bad attitude. We have family we wanna get home to see unit 18712

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  • Co
    coke cola drinks Jul 23, 2019

    I'm sending this plus I bought some Cokes at Walgreens on Morgan Street in Corpus Christi Monday there are several of them not have that bump in the bottom where you can't even stand can and they face flat they don't even have this zing that I like my name is Connie Ramos 242 Havana Street Corpus Christi Texas 78405 phone number 361 737-5438

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  • Ka
    Karen Yells Jul 27, 2019

    I bought 6- 12 packs of diet coke at Target. I opened one from the first pack and it tasted flat. So I did the same with each of the following and they all were the the same.

    To make sure it wasn't me, I went to Kroger and bought a12 pack and it was fine.

    Is there anyway to get reimbursed or get coupons to get new ones?
    Karen Yells
    972 400 3458

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  • Se
    Seanbradley21 Aug 04, 2019

    I opened the top like normal didn't look and when I took a drink the whole top broke and cut my lip

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  • Li
    LisaLouAnn Aug 04, 2019

    We bought a 12pk of Coke and one can is not drinkable. It's dented and swelled at the top. I tried to drink it on ice and it was flat and tasted funny. We spend a lot of $$ on Coke products. Please make this right.

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  • Ji
    Jim Wolfinger Aug 11, 2019

    I purchased a 24 can case and every can broke the tab off without opening the can. Had to open with a screwdriver while driving a semi truck. I can send pictures if you'd like to see them.
    Jim Wolfinger
    4255 Earthrock rd
    Appleton, Wisconsin

    My wife informed me it was a 30 pack, not 24

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  • Ka
    Kalema musa Aug 21, 2019

    I am kalema musa from Uganda, i received a message from your company of coca cola great Britain that my contact has won 980, 000gb pounds, they told me that my funds was transferred to Llyods Bank for temporary safe keeping, is it true or false? please email me a, [email protected]

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  • Ka
    Karen Petzold Aug 21, 2019

    I wanted to let you know that I purchased a 12 pack of coke from either Walmart in New Hudson, Michigan or Busch's in South Lyon, Michigan. When I open the box one can of coke was completely in tact and completely empty. I have since thrown away the box but I still have the can.

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  • Ca
    Cali Benton Aug 31, 2019

    I got a Pepsi on August 25, 2019.
    Barcode 01212901
    And it was expired July 29, 2019.
    I purchased the Pepsi at a little store in Scotland Texas.
    This is the fourth coke product that I've purchased, or just at this store. But numerous stores around here.

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  • St
    Steve20119 Aug 31, 2019

    Truck 15949
    Driving east bound interstate 66 at 12:46 pm
    On Sunday aug 25th
    Texting while driving
    Saw it first hand weaving on road
    Was a hazard on roadway
    If you don't respond because of short on texti will turn it over to the corporate office by a personal phone call

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  • Le
    Lesley Anne Blenkhorn Aug 31, 2019

    I bought a case of Coke Zero and all cans taste very odd. Kind of weird sour aftertaste .

    I am very disappointed. I hesitate To buy another case in the chance I have same issue.


    [email protected]

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  • Ed
    Edward Holzwarth Aug 31, 2019

    Bought a 12 pack of coca cola from Walmart the other day and two cans were sealed but empty.
    Very disappointed since the price keeps going up.
    Walmart told me that it was not there problem and I would have to deal with. Since they werent the ones to make the product.
    Edward holzwarth
    243 reifert st
    Pgh pa 15210

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  • Jo
    Joanne McDonald Sep 03, 2019

    I purchased a bottle of zero sugar cherry soda on 8.26.2019 in Philadelphia, Pa.
    Both the cap and the mouth on the bottle have s strong odor of mildew.

    The Bottle is marked with the following information

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  • Ka
    Kama Abdullahi Sep 07, 2019

    I received a message that I am a winner of 950.000€ I want to confirm if it true that am a winner not scammer that want to use me for there own gain

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