Club Mahindrawhy asf amount is charged? member id 2729802

A Nov 24, 2017

My Complaint is related to the ASF amount is being charged to the customer. I had raised a query to Member Relations Club Mahindra on 15-Sep-17 to understand what is this ASF amount, why it charged despite of paying heavy amount of membership and how is it calculated. Why it was not disclosed by the sales rep while selling this memebership?

In response to my query on 23-Oct, I received some calculation formula to calculate this ASF. The overall calculation is based on a base amount, for which no one has an answer how it was decided initially to reach to final figure of 14711.00. And now they have even stopped responding to my emails.
There is one more concern I have related to RCI membership. Last month I have come to know that we have this RCI membership only for 2 yrs. This was never disclosed by you sales rep while making the sales.
On top of it, on 15-Nov-17, I received a call from RCI explaining about the usage and RCI booking. The representative from RCI said for every booking we have to pay for 7 days to RCI. Which means if we are utilizing 2 days out of 7 days holiday by doing an international booking via RCI then we have to pay 9200/- (approx) as a conversion fees for complete seven days. And if again we are doing another international booking via RCI for 3 days out of 5 remaining days, then again we have to pay this 9200/-.

This is very surprising as it was never disclosed neither by your sales rep. nor by the call made after sales. I am completely bedeviled from all these surprising and hidden items. I would never recommend any of my friends to go for Club Mahindra membership.
Looking at these type of incidents, I have lost confidence in Club Mahindra. I would like to know you, how could we close this relation?
I have sent several emails to [protected],
[protected], but no one bothers to respond to my emails.

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