Classic Holidays / Classic Leisure / membership in general. timeshare, unethical behavior.

Lake st, Cairns 4870, Queensland., Australia

My wife and I were given free scratchies at a Supermarket as their promotion and we scratched all cards with a free Holiday. We were then talked into going into their office and given a 3 hour presentation and were told that it would cost us $50 and it would be refunded back to us, but wasn't. The presentation went on about how the process and the Timeshare is supposed to work and how different our life was going to be. We both felt trapped at the time and were pushed into making a decision. Unfortunately we decided to take it and then were sent into another room were the application for Finance was sorted. The finance was applied for, and we left and went home. We decided to keep the membership and about 3 months down the track we decide to claim our free holiday that was promised. to be told that we had to pay extra money on top to arrange which from memory was about $700, and then were told the resort that we were looking at wasn't on their list anymore. so the conversation ended with some not so nice words from myself and we left it at that. to cut a long story short i haven't seen any value for my $14800 finance as yet and have stop paying the payments to classic holidays as i am strapped for cash due to my marriage going through divorce and ive had to stop paying these payments that are just a hole in my pocket and nothing to show for it as i have not used this holiday scheme as yet and now classic holiday are trying to take me to Court to recover money. Im trapped in this and have no money to secure a lawyer.

May 20, 2019

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