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Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] rose radiance cream

Having used this my face felt sore and I developed two blisters/spots. It didn't seem to penetrate the skin leaving it feeling strangely rough and left its pink colour all over my face marking white pillowcases. It took a while to cleanse the colour off my face. So disappointing as I have used Clarins for about 40 years and have loved it.
Even as a teenager I have never had spots.
This is a very disappointing and potentially dangerous product and as its new to the range it needs more testing or just removing.

  • Clarins's response · Jan 09, 2020

    Dear Charlie,

    Thank you for making us aware of your intollerance reaction following the use of our Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you. Although this is not something that we typically hear with regards to this product, we take your concerns very seriously.

    We would suggest contacting our Customer Care team via email ([email protected]) or phone (866-325-2746) so that we may further assist you.

    Clarins US

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

[Resolved] their shipping

I got the overnight shipping on Tuesday meaning I should have received it yesterday on Wednesday but it didn't arrive. UPS tracking says it will arrive on Friday. You can't call it one day shipping because IT TAKES MORE THAN A DAY. I ordered it to go traveling for 3 months and now I'm extremely annoyed because I can't even get it before I leave and I don't know what to do anymore. So now I just wasted 20 dollars for one day shipping.

  • Clarins's response · Nov 29, 2019

    Dear Customer,

    We are sorry to hear that you had an issue with the shipping of your order. Please feel free to contact our Customer Care team at [email protected] for assistance.

    Clarins US

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

[Resolved] mission perfection serum

495411 I bought this serum from fiumicino airport on saturday 16 November for 83 Euros. I only used a dab last night and another this morning and now the bottle is empty!! It was in it...

[Resolved] super restorative #03 tinted cream

I am so disappointed that Clarions discontinued this product! The color was perfect, and since I don't like foundation, the simple tinted sunscreen was wonderful for me. If you needed to discontinue it, why not create a new product with the same color tint? It's rosy, and all the ones you now have are yellowish. They look terrible on me. The NYC Bloomingdales store staff I frequent tell me that there are many upset customers over your pulling this product off the market. Please create a moisturizer with that same color as #3. You're losing me!
Laury Franks

  • Clarins's response · Oct 22, 2019

    Dear Laury,

    We are sorry if we have discontinued one of your favorite Clarins products. Unfortunately, our Super Restorative Tinted Cream is no longer available. As a valued customer, what you think is important to us. We would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us to make sure your disappointment was heard. The comments you forwarded will be sent to our Research and Development department for their consideration.

    Clarins Customer Care Manager

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.


Visited the Clarins counter at Woolies and wishes to try a sample of double the consultant Jenefer exclaimed that there are no samples and non are given out . Is this true ? If so...

clarins waterproof eye pencil 04

I purchased this eye pencil on July 19th 2019 and have been very disappointed with its performance . Firstly the in built sharpener does not work correctly, chewed the end of the...

[Resolved] clarins staff

Very disappointing experience . The Clarins Rep" Rosa "was not trained to sell the line and sold incorrect products for my skin type. The service is rushed after waiting far too...

super restorative total eye concentrate 15ml

I purchased this product on 23/05/2019 at bhx airport. I experienced problems with the dispenser, on depression the cream was not dispensed, this occurred several times but eventually it worked .It seemed as though the container was faulty . This product has only lasted 2.5 months, when it usually lasts me up to 6 months. I have never experienced this problem before and used the same amount of concentrate on each application. I regularly purchase Clarin facial products and this is the first time I have been disappointed with the dispenser.I have retained the empty concentrate dispenser and I am quite happy to return it to you for your inspection.

Kindest Regards

Jane Newton

lack of response to emails sent reference a missing free gift

Good Morning,

I wish to make a complaint about the lack of response to my emails. I appreciate you have a response saying you have a high volume of emails. However I have not received a response in seven days and that is unacceptable!

I recently placed an order with you deliberately ordering over £55 so I could get the free pride bag. My friends daughter had just come out to her and this was going to be my gift to her at her coming out party.

Sadly the error on your behalf to not include the bag ruined this for me. I emailed you last Tuesday when you confirmed my order, as the bag was not included. I emailed you again when I received my order last Thursday, stating. I didn't have the bag.

Your lack of customer service is a real surprise to me as I thought your brand meant something to you. I'm very disappointed to learn that tour customers obviously mean very little to you.

It is totally unreason to not respond to a customer for over seven days. I want a manager to look into this and to reply to me to explain what has gone wrong. I also would like some form of compensation for the upset this error has caused.

Kind Regards

Mrs Di Bateman

Ref: order number CLR_UK00836440

Clarins Men Line Control Balm pump action

This is my correspondence starting 22/05/19

Hi Karen

I sent you an email almost a month ago, but all i received back was a reply telling me how busy you were.
Could you look into my complaint please?

David Malin

Hide original message
On Friday, 24 May 2019, 08:48:07 BST, UK Consumer Relations wrote:

Dear Mr Main

I do hope my email finds you well.

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail Clarins (UK) Ltd.

We were most concerned to hear of the difficulties you have experienced with your Clarins mens Line Control Cream and regret the inconvenience that you may have been caused. As you would expect, all Clarins packaging is manufactured from quality materials and which are subject to stringent quality controls at the point of manufacture, However, I would like to thank you for your valuable feedback and can assure you that this will be forwarded to our Paris Head Office for their immediate attention.

Please note it is Clarins policy to exchange a product at the original place of purchase, providing there is a genuine reason for dissatisfaction and proof of purchase is shown. If you would like to return your Clarins product to the place it was purchased, I am sure they will try to resolve the situation for you.

Alternatively, if you would kindly e-mail us a photo of the faulty packaging, upon receipt of this, we will be pleased to send you a replacement or an alternative product of your choice of a similar value.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Kind Regards,


Consumer Service Agent

Clarins (UK) Ltd

T: [protected]


From: David Malin
Sent: 22 May 2019 13:11
To: UK Clarins Customer Relations
Subject: Mens face cream

Dear Sir or madam

As a pensioner one of my luxuries is your mewns face cream which i have used every day for the last 15 years.

My latest container is the new version which i found the top kept coming off. Now i cannot find the top and i cannot use the pump action container at all. This is most inconvenient and i think your packaging department should revisit the construction of this item. As you can appreciate this is not a cheap commodity to buy.

Your sincerely

David Malin [protected]

Inline image

30 min open spa

I purchased 2 sets of Clarins 30 min Open Spa Treatment from the Clarins boutique at the newly opened Mid Valley South Key Mall in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Unfortunately, the very pleasant and young therapist lacked the necessary experience. Both in her hand facial technique as well as in the suit of products recommended. In fact, the very next morning, I awoke to find my skin very dry and dehydrated. Not at all like the previous Clarins products used on my skin at other Clarins' facial treatments at other outlets. This has been the most shocking. I request that an investigation be conducted and that an answer be given to me over this disturbing incident.
Miss Chan
Johor Bahru
Mobile : +[protected]

30 min open spa
30 min open spa

bronzing duo 02

495411 I have only been using my new blusher for 2 weeks and it has already crumbled. (I have photos). This is now the 3rd time this has happened. I have been using your blushers for...

super hydration lotion for men

On 4 May whilst travelling through Malaga airport on my return to Ireland I went to the Clarins counter to purchase clarins for men Super Hydration Balm. I was advised by the Clarins representative that the product was discontinued & has been replaced by Super Hydration Lotion spf 20. Upon checking your website When I got home I found this not to be the case. My partner has been using the balm for over 10 years & is extremely happy with it. I would really like to hear from Clarins as to why I was given misinformation as I feel this was just a ploy to have me purchase something as obviously the product I wanted was not in stock. As a long time consumer of Clarins products both myself & my partner are very disappointed in the tactics employed by your representative. We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

clarins beauty swap

495411 Dear Sir/Madame Because I can't type such a long story of what Happened here I've already typed it on a Beauty blog of what happed today The link i...

clarins radiance-plus golden glow booster

To whom it may concern,
I purchased the above item as I love using various Clarins skin care products and have done for many years. I feel disheartened and dissapoinyed with this product.
I have used the golden glow booster on several occasions now and followed instructions on the small box. As a loyal customer, I feel very disappointed as I have noticed no difference at all. I have fair skin and expected to have a nice glow following using this product yet this is certainly not the case.
I look forward to hearing from you.

press powder - quality complaint

I need to complain about poor quality press powder I bought in Poland some time ago. After a short period of time when I started to use it the press powder became to crumble. I couldn't believe that so expensive and premium item is much worse than a simple one I usually buy.
I was sure that Clarins brand is strong and that Clarins company will exchange defective product into correct one without any problem. But I was totally wrong - my complaint was rejected. And the reason was: you already started to use the product and it is mechanically destroyed. What a rubbish! Yes, of course - I started to use it, but was able to use it maybe 3-5 times, later on when I was opening the box my powder was tipping out of it, so now it looks like at least half used. And yes - this powder behaved as mechanically destroyed - but it is its failure thus I placed the complaint.
Polish distributor of Clarins don't care about customers like me.
But I do believe that Clarins head quarter do care thus I am writing here.

I bought my powder on 18.04.2018, in LAGARDERE DUTY FREE Warszawa WA10, bill no. 008254. Price - 143.00 Polish zloties, while average press powder is 25-40 Polish zloties here. So much above normal price .

Ideally if I can get good quality product in exchange, at least money back.

press powder - quality complaint
press powder - quality complaint
press powder - quality complaint

advent callander

I purchased an advent calendar for my wife and have been extremely disappointed to find that the product has been packaged upside down so that non of the products inside match with the resepective window on the day of opening and with different sizes and shapes are unable to remove.
I am sure you will agree that with such an high end product this is not acceptable and given the amount of products my wife purchases from Clarins has left her very disappointed in the brand.

Please could you advise your remedial action to one of your loyal customers . Photo attached

Paul Brooks

4 Wentworth Drive

I have no idea what the relevance is of the category selection on this form

thanks for wennie, clours & fragrance langkawi airport clarins seller.

我是旅行社经常往来兰卡威的,每次来兰卡威都会给自己和帮朋友带化妆品,也会介绍我的客人去买东西,在Clours & Fragrance Langkawi Airport Clarins柜台的销售员Wennie,她热情的工作态度,专业的产品知识,给我和我的客人很多帮助。最近听说Wennie即将离职的消息,感到非常遗憾,也非常感谢Wennie一直以来的热心帮助,祝福你生活愉快!

gold star salon, la femme, farnham surrey

Good Morning,

I'd like to complain about the service and treatment I received from La Femme beauty salon located in Farnham, Surrey. The salon advertises itself as a Gold Star Salon. This being my first visit to the salon I was appalled by the terrible service and treatment I received yesterday evening (20th Nov 2018). I sill have burning sensations. The inexperienced therapist could not perform the task and I had to ask for another senior therapist to take over. The senior therapist was less than sympathetic, showed no empathy and quite rude. She kept saying there was nothing wrong when clearly I had red patches and a burning sensation. She said I can't see any bruises!!! I replied I wouldn't expect to see any! Goodness me I didn't come in here to be bruised.

I cannot believe this is a "Gold Standard Salon" I am so very disappointed with the whole experience.


I have been waiting for a refund for approx. 5-6 weeks. I have left several messages on the customer service number with no response. No one is EVER available on that line to speak to. I know they received my return on 10/9 and was told 3-4 days for the refund. I month later and no refund or response to ANY emails or voice mails. I will never order from again and have passed that on to several other customers.

multi active jour

I have just bought Multi Active Jour from an cosmetic website which is I always buy products. I want to check its shelf passed or not from batch code. But I could not get any information about it. I have called supplier and they did not give me any info. They told me that "Clarins products life expectancy is 4-5 years". How can I be sure that this product life expectancy is exeed or not? It is not trusthworhy.

Clarins Aeon Jusco Mid Valley — service and product

637834 I visited Clarins today at Aeon Mid Valley, and I purchased a Tonic oil bottle from my beauty therapist Ms Yuen. I came home and opened it to find a sealed bottle, and the product...

double seeim

I always shop at the clarins counter in Boots, Brighton, East Sussex and have always been satisfied with the service I have been give. However today I went in to purchase your new double serum. I asked the assistant to advise me about the product and what was in it? She said that she didn't know and looked at me blankly. I did not purchase the serum and left quiet annoyed. I don't think that your assistants should know as much information about the products they are selling as possible. I won't rerurn to this counter.

Emma fenn

double serum, hydric + lipidic system, 50ml. I complain about the pump is not working

The pump that mix the two solutions does not work properly. The solution from the inner part of the bottle does not pump out and only solution from outside is coming out. The difference in volume between the two solutions is possible to see. See added photo.

There is around 1/3 of the product left. I would like to be able to use it or get it back a new bottle from you. I has been using this product and is the first time it happens to me.

Please contact me at email


double serum, hydric + lipidic system, 50ml. I complain about the pump is not working

bad brand shopping experience

I sent this email to Clarins South Africa on Sunday. Till today I have not even had a response that they have received my email.: I wish ro share my Clarins experience of today...

3 in 1 eyeliner

The all in one eyeliner pen, is describe and resemble the Muti Eyeliner pen plans, design, use, and creativity rationale I submitted to early part of 2014, which was part of my business plan I submitted to my University prior to the date listed.

I feel like this invention was obtain and produce for increase revenue for you company without seeking or researching whether ownership and creativity of the product exists because of your company inventor's.

I have all supporting documents to confirmed the sole creativity, design, rationale behind my creative thought place in written, sketch, formal business plan and the timeline of dates while severing my country in the United States Army.

I request feedback to my above complaint and resolution. This is my 3rd attempt to seek resolution.

Rita Washington
Cell: [protected]

3 in 1 eyeliner
3 in 1 eyeliner

crème solaire anti-rides visage; sun wrinkle control cream for face

I use this product since 2013. I purchased it always at the shops in the Netherlands. So long I was satisfy and enjoyed this product for my rosacea face. There was no changes everytime i bought a new one that I was able to notice until my last purchase about 2 weeks ago (april 2018) at ici paris xl arnhem. From this last purchased I smell a strong parfume that terribly shocked me (I didn't say that it is a bad smell, I just don't like it). I never thought that such of product should have additional aroma. Because earlier it had almost no aroma/parfume, and it just fine. I am disappoint and definitely won't use this product anymore. Now I become doubtfull for others Clarin's product. Because i also noticed a slight change of smell from product Cleansing Milk (normal or dry skin). But because the changes is not so radical, I still can enjoy it.
Is it the time to move to other brand?

bad service

I should say it; I asked about the product information and the price at the malaysia pavilion clarins counter last week; but the beauty advisor gave me the impression that I had no money to afford the clarins product. 1) When I put double serum in my hand to try a texture. She quickly pulled my hand and said it was not for me? ? Beyond my budget.She took out a hydrating item and said that the price was right for me!!! This action is very impolite.2)Then I asked her what is the difference between these two products? She always told me that it was the difference in price only!!oh my god!!!i deeply feel humiliated and just walked away; I was disappointed with clarins; I thought I would never step into the clarins counter. I think that with the current market, the service attitude of this beauty advisor is really bad. Also, would like to know why the beauty advisor's face can swollen to serve customers like this? This makes customers uncomfortable; it really feels scary. I personally decided to share this matter with my relatives and friends. Serving my beauty advisor name michelle chai.clarins should know the service attitude of his own staff; to decide whether she meets the requirements!!

Ruby lim

skin illusion natural radiance foundation. shade ivory

495411 Hello. I have bought in my country Skin Illusion Natural Radiance. I have cheked the expiration date by batch code 402631 on The site shows that product expired...

lack of pricing & product

Dear Sir /Madam,

As an Irish Customer I need to register my concerns regarding my search for your products.
Today I was in Kildare Village outlet and visited your Outlet store . When I went to purchase some Clarins antiperspirant. I was told that they were completely out of products from Men !!!
Then I went to Debebhams located in Whitewater Shopping Centre Newbridge which is next town nearest only to be told they were also out of antiperspirant . The rest of the Clarins range in the store for men had no pricing on them !!!
As a somebody who has experience in retail & tarde I would like to bring this to your attention as it is very off putting of a big Clarins Customer.



The complaint is regarding Kolkata ShoppersStop Clarins manager.The store person there is extremely rude and is just interested in having her lunch .i had a service due but the way she behaved made me walk out .if this is th I way your brand treats your customer I prefer not to use such brands .if people like her will sell your product no one will be interested in buying it.

order placed on 6/12

I purchased a substantial amount of products from my favourite brand in the world which I thought cared about their customers. I was and am truly disappointed. I bought a whole lot of products on 6/12/2017 via online and was sent an email confirmation of my purchase.

Yesterday, I sent an email to find out about my order, I had no reply so I email today to follow up. I was told over the phone my order had been cancelled because one of the products was out of stock and I would be sent an automatic email notifying me. We nothing came through. If you see the order confirmation, Clarins states that they would substitute products if products are out of stock.

The girl on the other end of the phone was very unhelpful and said there was little she could do.

The products was for my boys to give me as Christmas presents.

How disappointed do you think I am and how would you be if you were in my position? Today is 20/12and my boys have no time to get presents before Christmas for me. They are going to be horrified to see that their mummy will open no presents from them.

I don't think I will get over this that easily.

clarins multi active cream jour for dry skin

Dear Sir or Madam, I wish to submit a complaint regarding the above mentioned cream. I've been a regular consumer of the cream for 8 years and I must say that after years of...

customer service

Hi.i ordered something from clarins online at the end i could not see the basket when i saw email then i found some of samples i didnot want straight way i emailed customer service if they cam do something no reply and when i received msg for dispatched detail then they message me oh sorry we cant do anything. Even though i have already message them that u guys sending me dispatched detail and no reply to my query now u gonna say u cant do anything. And they no bother to ans that just simple msg sorry we cant.this is no customer service any body cam do this if u on customer service u give them the way.u cant just say no u talk.first tym i am using this brand one of my coleague said this is really good brand expensive but really nice but my experience says no.such a big brand and this is accuse that u cant do it no other way.and even this sorry u saying to me this was too late to say. Very disappointed. Without even using product.if start is no good how can we go further.thanks anyways.

extra firming day lotion 50ml

Date purchased 1st October 1917 at Heathrow duty free
I purchased the lotion and discovered at later that the pump dose not work on the bottle so cannot access lotion.
On arrival in New Zealand where I live I went to Clarins counter in duty free in Auckland and they said we had to contact Clarins.

We have receipt and bottle if required
As the product is not fit for purpose we would like replacement please or failing that a full refund. (UKPD 44.95)


I purchased 4 clarins products from the istanbul turkey duty free shop, clarins counter on the 11th of September 2017. I was on my way to London.
However on my return to Sri Lanka I noticed the code on the packaging. Could you please advise whether these products are within expiry. As when I checked on it indicated that it had expired.
Your early response would be appreciated.

I have been a longtime clarins user - but this is the first time I checked the code as I had another unopened pack from another range.

All products have been bought from clarins shops.


clarins home candles

I received one of your candles as a gift. I lit the candle for no more than 4 hours as you can see from the amount that has burnt away. Thought nothing of it and the following morning myself, husband and 2 daughters woke up with black bits in our nose. We found this very strange. It was only when I went into the room where the candle had been lit and found the walls were covered in a black like film. The curtain which was white was now black and the white UPVV window is now covered in black too. This is a safety hazard and should be removed from sale straight away. I now have to buy a new curtain, clean the windows and re-paint the whole room all because of your candle. I expect a reply regarding this asap. I have photos available that I can send to you to show the candle and the damage.

clarins home candles
clarins home candles
clarins home candles

clarins roll-on deodorant trio

for years i am using the perfect Clarins deodorant spray, which i always buy at the Ben Gurion duty free shop, 4 together in one parcel at the 30th of June i was leaving for...

clarins revitalizing gel

495411 I am a regular customer of Clarins. I bought a bottle of Revitalizing Gel from Kuala Lumpur international airport. When I tried to use the bottle and realize the bottle pump wa...

Skin spa - klcc (Kuala lumpur)

On the above date 04/11/ 2015. I went for facial in Malaysia KLCC, when finished I was asked when I was leaving the country, I told them the same night they told me about the...