Clairolclairol 4g dark golden brown

G Oct 08, 2019

Good day,

I purchased Clairol 4G Dark Golden Brown, which according to the picture is the closest to my natural colour. I followed all the instructions but my hair turned out BLACK. Even though, the condition and shine in my hair was pleasing, the shade definitely deceiving according to the picture on the box. I have subsequently washed my hair more than usual in any attempt to rinse out as much of the colour as possible. My questions are 1) could you suggest a colour in your range that you could soften the depth of the black colour I now have 2) Now that my hair is this dark, my root regrowth is much more noticeable and in much shorter time than usual. What product do you have for roots only, or do I purchase the same 4G and store the remainder of the product after I have done my roots?

Many thanks,

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