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City Furniture review: High chairs for a glass table

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I purchased a five foot glass table with four high chairs from City Furniture for delivery. When I received my order, the four were assembled but two chairs were not assembled correctly. City Furniture sent a second party service provider to repair the chairs if possible or replace the parts and/or chairs. One chair was fixable while the second chair was not repairable. I was offered three resolutions, 1). Replace the part, which required 12 weeks for the part to arrive; 2) Repair the chair, which required four weeks for the back ordered chair to arrive or 3) accept a discount for a chair that was functional. I opted for replace the chair that requires a four week delay because the part is on back order. I requested a discount due to City Furniture staff assembling the chair incorrectly and stripping two screws. The Escalation Department would not provide a discount for the back order. I stated the back order is not the problem. The problem is your staff assembled my chair incorrectly, which is an imposition for me. There is no customer service when an issue occurs. I do not recommend City Furniture.

Desired outcome: Provide a discount for the chair that is not functional and needs to be replaced because the chair was assembled incorrectly by a City Furniture staff at the warehouse prior to delivery.