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Circuit City Stores Complaints & Reviews

Circuit City Stores / Poor service

Gail Stone on Jul 5, 2011

Unlike other stores that I shopped in, this store did have the brand I was looking for and the salesman who waited on me was pleasant and even pointed out to me the $30 rebate on this product. I already knew about it from finding this product on today's Circuit City web site. My...

Circuit City / Low cost- not worth the time & frustration

Meldo on May 12, 2011

If you are purchasing a cell phone and you have the option to buy from any other source I would advise that you do so. If you have any issues with the phone it is a complicated and drawn out process to get something fixed rather than a quick trip to the store. I took advantage of the low...

Circuit City / It is a complete waste of your time

Kabilen on Mar 29, 2011

I went to the Circuit City store to purchase an MP3 player & got my MP3 player & poor service. Unlike other stores that I shopped in, this store did have the brand I was looking for and the salesman who waited on me was pleasant and even pointed out to me the $30 rebate on this product. I... / Do not believe anything in the why buy from us link


Do not believe anything in the why buy from us link. I bought a tv, it didnt work Of course they have no contact # for that- then the customer service Rep. Told me that they have no service for non working products- even though I just got it yesterday and gave me a mitsubishi Phone #- that was a computer- In other word they have NO CUSTUMER SUPPORT.

Circuit City / Return policy nightmare

I received a Return Authorization (C11286160) number for the order from Circuit City and returned it to Systemax, following every instruction to the letter, fully insured. I was informed by Systemax that the unit was damaged during return shipping and was a total loss. I was told to file a...

Circuit City Assurance Warranty / Not honoring Warranty


In August of 2007 I purchased a Sony Viao Lap Top from Circuit City...which was my my favorite store to shop for electronics. I purchased the lap top for 3700.00 including the 360.00 for the 3 year extended warranty. In January of 2008 My Boo (my doggie) stepped on my key board and broke...

Circuit City / Their extended warranty is a big fraud and scam


In 2008, I bought a 47" LG LCD HDTV from Circuit City for $1599.99.being a student not having the cash, I was lead to believer in the extended repair or replace warranties that everything was covered, the cashier individual, so I bought the 3 year Circuit City Advantage Protection plan for...

Circuit City / False advertising

Office depot along with many other businesses are doing false advertising. They put items on sale, then when you go to the store, even the first day of the sale, they don't have the item. Not only does this waste my time but GAS. We are suppose to conserve on gas and yet these store...

Circuit City / Vandalism and theft


I purchased a PDA from circuit city and was sold a 'Comprehensive Full Coverage Warranty' to go with it. The salesperson told me that it was a higher level coverage plan then their normal warranty plan and would cover my PDA if ANYTHING happened to it, including fire, vandalism...

Circuit City / Scammers


I bought an $1800.00 HP Laptop from the Circuit City more then 6 months ago. They offered a $150.00 HP mail in rebate and a $50.00 Circuit City mail in rebate. After waiting 4 months and not receiving either rebate I contacted the rebate center for both Circuit City and HP. Both claim they...

Hp _ Circuitcity_ Avantant / HP g60 PC TABLET

Circuit City/ Advantage Protection Plan / Hp I'm Attempting to use a Warranty I brought, For A HP G60 Tablet or have HP Acknowledge some of us purchasers have similar issue about everyone outting lcd failure... I called twice AVANTANT today waited 20 minutes in a queue line each time...

The Warranty Group / Circuit City Advantage Plan / LACK OF ACTION / PASS THE BUCK


This company acquired/assumed the Circuit City Advantage Protection Plans for electronics purchased from Circuit City prior to 2006. My LG 42" DLP TV failed for the FOURTH time in January 2009, so I submitted a claim under the NO LEMON GUARANTEE. "if Your Product is repaired twice and it...

Circuit City/chase Credit Card / Finance charges


1. Bought 2 TVs from Circuit City, got 24 month interest free deal. Received first bill late, as a result lost the interest free deal, got raped with finance charges, paid and paid and the balance barely went down. 2.Got fed up and phoned for the balance, was about $1096, paid in full...

Circuit City / honor warranty/city assure,

i purchased lap top from circuit city, purchased 4 year extra coverage, now circuit city is out of business city assure does not want to take care of problems. i paid 549.99 for coverage. problems fan, lap top over heat and fan makes a lot of noise, battery will not hold charge, also...

Chase Bank Circuit City Card / They charged me 672.00 fee

I received yesterday my credit card statement on a Chase account that I had recd for no interest 36 months. I paid faithfully each month via electronic payments and thought the account was paid in full in Dec 2008. To my utter shock and surprise I received a notice saying that they had...

Circuit City - City Assure / Fail to fix electronics under warranty

I have a Denon Home Theatre System that no longer will read a DVD or CD. I had purchased a warranty through Circuit City. Since the liquidation, the underwriters, "City Assure" have taken over honoring the warranty. However, since January 20, 2009, and after hours of being on hold...

Circuit City Purchaase, Computer Hp / Rebate scam


I purchased a HP Vista home computer on thur Nov 26, from Circuit City in Myrtle Beach It was a promo sale that day only, $ 479.99 including printer and 19 inch monitor. I decided to up grade the monitor to a 22 inch for an extra 79.00, then I purchased a portable usb to transfer info from...

Circuit City And Assurant Solutions / Why you shouldn't buy anything from liquidation


Why Circuit City Went Out Of Business And Why You Should Not Buy Anything From Their Liquidation. Toward the end of last year, I purchased a 50 inch Samsung plasma TV from Circuit City. I had to save and work overtime for almost two years to afford this TV. I knew that I could not just go...

Circuit City / Fraud and scam


Almost 3 years ago, I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Circuit City. I also purchased a 4 year extended warranty. Immediately, I began experiencing problems with the laptop overheating and shutting down. I called the warranty company and began the arduous process of getting the laptop fixed...

Circuit City / Bad Business Practices

On 11/30/08 on-line I purchased a Gateway lap from Circuit City, or from what I am now calling CROOKED CITY. I was specifically told on-line the product was in stock. I was also guaranteed that I would receive my order on 12/3/08. On 12/2/08 @ 5:00 am PST I got on-line to check the statu...