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So I am a new mom with a small baby and I came to get gas and some candy. So I go inside and put $10 on pump 4. I pay and go on about my way to put my daughter back into the car and then pop my gas door to pump gas but nothing was coming out of the gas pump. So I look at the pump and it says "please pay cashier first" and it keeps beeping at me so I hit the "help" button a few times hoping they'll notice and fix whatever mistake they may have made by accident. Then I look towards the circle k building (the sun was out and the glass is crystal clear so I could see both cashiers through the window perfectly.) and they were literally laughing at me... So my initial thought is maybe the guy cashier put it on the wrong pump and she was laughing at him so I just kind of waited a few minutes by the pump for them to fix it again and nothing happened so I had to get my sleeping daughter back out of the carseat and close my gas cap to go all the way back inside and they were both just looking at me. And I was so confused holding my daughter I just asked them "what happened to my gas" and he continued to just look at me and said "what?" so I told him I paid for gas on pump 4 and he may have put it on the wrong pump because no gas came out. All he said was "well I put it on there"... So he continued to just not do anything so I asked him again to put the gas on the pump because I paid for it and he was just looking at me as if I was a liar? So at this point im just blown away by how terrible they are being to me for literally no reason and I ask him again to put the gas on the pump. He turns and doesnt say anything to me while he does something for a few seconds on the computer and then just says "ight its on there". So all I asked was "are you sure?" because my daughter is heavy and it is difficult to carry her in and out of the store multiple times and its also beating hot outside. And the female cashier is in the middle of helping a customer and snaps at me "um its not his fault though it happens sometimes so don't blame him" super rude, wasn't even nice about it at all. I literally just wanted my gas and a candy bar and these people played with my hard earned money, instead of helping they laughed at me while they seen I couldn't pump any gas, was extremely rude to me when I asked them nicely if they could put the gas on the pump, and all while I had my five month old daughter in my arms. I could hear them talking about me as I was walking out.. Completely uncalled for and I felt extremely uncomfortable, ganged up on, and discriminated against either because I was white and they weren't or because I was a single mother with my daughter just trying to get gas. Either way I hope they are fired or atleast retrained to be better to their customers. I work at wells fargo and circle k banks with us so I see the managers make deposits often, they are all very kind. I even used to work there myself so I know this isn't acceptable behavior for circle k employees. They really ruined my day and I don't think I will ever step foot into another circle k ever again.

Mar 14, 2019
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  • Ra
      14th of Mar, 2019
    +1 Votes

    First of all they have no idea that you are a single other so you were not discriminated against because of that. Second you have no proof that they laughed at you because you are white.

  • Ma
      15th of Mar, 2019
    0 Votes

    @raeareafdasfesfdsaf I could care less what the reason was I am describing how I FEEL. it should have never happened regardless. but since you were there and you clearly know more than me how bout you tell me why they were laughing? oh .

  • Ra
      15th of Mar, 2019
    +2 Votes

    @Marie459 I was not there but you I ask you how do they know you are a single mother you fool? Just because you came in without a man does not mean they automatically think you are a single mother. Many people come without their spouses. You are a silly thing. You have no proof that they were laughing at you. with your attitude no wonder you are single.

  • De
      16th of Mar, 2019
    0 Votes

    @raeareafdasfesfdsaf She should come to the Bronx. She'd be revered as a single mother.

  • Su
      15th of Mar, 2019
    0 Votes

    Gee, the mean black people laughed at you for being white and single. They knew you were single because... they have mind control? You think you were polite but your commentary proved differently. She was rude because you were calling him a liar.

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