Circle K Storesselling customer info

J Sep 12, 2018 Review updated:

I've had an unlisted telephone number for most of my life as well as it listed on the Federal Do Not Call Registry for over a decade. Since registering I have not had a single call until now.
After entering my number (for a slight discount) at the local Circle K store, I have been receiving multiple calls daily. The "calling number" is obviously phony. I allege the calls are to verify if it is an active number. Verified by answering.
Until now, I purchased all my gasoline & cigarettes from Circle K... in excess of $400.00 per month, for years! That practice has come to an abrupt end! My family will no longer be making purchases either.
Now... compare the few cents you made off of selling my telephone number to the thousands of dollars in annual sales. Just from ONE extremely irate customer!


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    9wood Sep 12, 2018

    privacy dead google and others sell and or make money off our information

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    pradeep72singh Sep 21, 2018

    Marketing strategyGeneral Science

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