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On a recent visit to our Cinemark theater I learned that customer service is a low level priority. I ordered a medium popcorn to share with my son and two cokes. Simple right? Things became very complicated when I asked for an extra bag so that I could separate mine from my son's. The reason is not scientific. I like butter, he does not. I was told by Miss S that they could not carry out my request. I then asked for a box or a child's box. Again the answer was no. I offered to pay. Again, no. I told Miss S that I was willing to compromise to find a solution to the problem. Miss S offered me a plastic tray used by other customers and when I asked her if she expected me to pour the popcorn out of the bag onto this tray and eat it, she said, "Don't worry, these trays are cleaned." I asked her how they were cleaned and she said, "Oh we clean them with a sponge." I then asked to speak with the manager. She entered a side door, took time to tell two other employees who freely admitted that they were not the manager, nor could they help with the situation, but they just wanted to know what was "going on." When the manager, Mr. M arrived, he reinforced what Miss S had told us, except for the sponge cleaning of the trays. He assured me that the plastic trays were cleaned with a "special cleaner." He then added, "some people bring zip lock bags in when they want to share the popcorn, you could do that." What is wrong with this picture? Is this the best service Cinemark can provide? This company expects and posts signs stating food or drinks cannot be brought in from outside their establishment, yet they charge high prices and refuse to provide the customer with the means to enjoy the food safely, without fear of infection, without extra cost or inconvenience. Cinemark spoke volumes that day about how they value their customers. I have ended my ten year relationship with Cinemark. I am now a Regal customer.


  • Di
    dick dick Jan 27, 2008

    You're an ### for doing that. You can't share out of the same bag with your kid? Butter is that big of a problem? You're just a bizzare man with no life and you annoy customer service people wherever you go. Grow up.

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  • Vo
    Voltanis Mar 10, 2008

    I work at a Cinemark theatre and the reason that you could not get another bag or kids meal box is because they are inventoried. It's not the popcorn or drink that is tracked by the company, but rather the container it is placed in. If the count of any of our bags, drink cups, kids meal boxes, candy, etc. is off by even one, management has a hissy fit.

    Now, that said, if you offered to buy another bag of the same price and told them to just hand it over so you could share, then they should have done that. Of course you could just get that bag filled with popcorn as well since you paid for it.

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  • Mo
    momof3 May 29, 2008

    My DD works at Cinemark and Like the poster above said EVERYTHING including cups are inventoryed. They get in a lot of trouble for handing over even cups. If you were going to pay for another bag you should of just gotten a small popcorn for your son. I'm sure you didn't understand this and the kid didn't explain it correctly to you but a lot of these workers are young and green. I cannot believe the things customers request of them. Let alone say and do. Her friend had a customer throw a bottle of water at her. They are only doing their job it's management you should get heck too.

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  • Di
    Dianna Lindquist Jun 07, 2008

    To whom it may concern:

    Tonight, my husband and I went to the Newgate Tinsel Town Theatre in Ogden, Utah to see Iron Man.

    I always look forward to your nachos, however, tonight I noticed a new Land 'O" Lakes brand new box with chips and nacho cheese. We took our seats and I opened the bag and dipped my chip into the cheese.

    Yuk! Not even the same taste! I didn't like the chips or the cheese and my husband also took a taste. He didn't like them either. We took them back to the counter to return them and told the manager and employees that we thought they tasted terrible.

    The manager agreed, along with the other workers, who complained also about the taste. They all agreed that the new brand sucked!! They said everything comes from corporate and they have no say even though no one there likes them.

    So, corporate, where are the old, better tasting nachos that make me want to go to the movie? I hope that this message gets passed along to who ever did the purchasing! Bring back to old and send back the new.

    Sincerely disappointed,

    D. Lindquist

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  • Jo
    Jo Jo Feb 28, 2009

    Boo freaking hoo! Thank goodness people like you take the time to write meaningless, petty complaints when you don't get your own way about something. Get a life!!

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  • Je
    Jenny Mar 14, 2009

    Prices are so high at the concession stand because the movie theater does not make any money off movie tickets. That money goes directly to the movie producers.

    They have to make money off of concessions in order to pay all of the people working. I would also like to mention that Cinemark tries hard to be cheaper than the other comperable theaters.

    If you want popcorn without butter and one with butter, buy two bags.

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  • Ja
    Janiece T. Duronslet Jul 19, 2009

    I just returned from your theatre in Daly City, CA. The paper didn't state that "The Hangover" had nudity, disparaged Jesus, had a scene which showed pubic hair, the rear end, and a scene where the guy was moving a little baby's hand as though the baby was masterbating. I was forced to leave, as I had been waiting to see if the movie had any redeeming qualities. I asked your theatre employee, a female, if I could have your corporate headquarters address. She refused. I was not the only person who left that nasty movie. I saw nothing in the newspaper which would lead me to believe that the movie was anything but funny. I lost $7.75 and would like a refund, please. I am: Janiece T. Duronslet. My address is:144 Westmoor Ave. Daly City, CA. 94015. I am requesting that you print, in the newspaper, that a movie might contain scenes which are not suited for all people. I went to the movie rather than staying home to watch my husband read the paper, then fall asleep. Perhaps I should have stayed home, as I am now. Thank you, Janiece Duronslet

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  • Se
    seylea Jan 11, 2018

    @Janiece T. Duronslet Did the R-rating not clue you in to this fact?

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  • Go
    gordo2389 Jul 23, 2009


    Have you ever heard of It is not the theaters responsibility to print the entire content of a movie in the newspaper. A movie theater is in control of how a feature is presented, not what is presented.

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  • Ai
    air12345 May 18, 2010

    Well I think that the lady who made the complaint is right, I go to the cinemark at the pike in long beach, CA the service there as far as their attitudes were not great at first but they are better now. But if I want to share a popcorn or get water they have separate items to use for those requests, they have brown paper trays they can give you to split the popcorn, also they have water cups to put water in instead of using the main products boxes or cups, so their inventory is not really messed up. Why don't the Cinemark's in you guy's areas do that?

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  • Qu
    "Brooke" Apr 13, 2011

    I have been working for a Cinemark in Northern Ohio for four years now and I can honestly say that half of these claims are bogus! I work in three different departments and consider myself well-versed on the company's policies and customer service procedures. To the idiot who cannot share a bag with his child- um, you created him can you not share out of the same bag? Also, you're his parent a.k.a. his boss and the one paying for the popcorn tell that little brat no butter. We also can customer service or give a brown box for [censor]s like you :) and p.s. Regal is a hole in the wall and more expensive, so good luck! We won't miss your business. To the lady with the nachos, that obviously is not in our control. I'm sure that someone could have refunded you or customer serviced you something else to eat. However, why are you buying nachos at a movie theatre? Hello, buy popcorn! To Janiece- first of all I think you maybe so angered with life because your parents chose to spell your name that way. Second, we have to include a rating AND a reasoning for the rating in my theatre. Like the other person said, it is not our responsibility to say "THERE'S GONNA BE LOTS OF BOOBIES AND VULGAR SEX TALK". Maybe if you weren't so amped to get back to your computer and boring husband you could have walked yourself to the box office where you bought the tickets and asked for a refund like normal people. I'm sorry that all of you haven't had the best service in the past. I have also had things thrown at me and been cussed at. I love my job, but dealing with nasty customers is not always easy. All of you seem to live in CA, so maybe a trip to Strongsville, Ohio would show you how a real Cinemark opperates.

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  • Ll
    llamalle Apr 29, 2011

    Dick Dick your name says it all. You're a dick. A useless, mindless piece of flesh that pollutes this earth. Is it that hard to figure out that what he/she is doing is arguing a PRINCIPLE? I think you'd do us all a favor by rolling off a cliff.

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  • Ll
    llamalle Apr 29, 2011

    Oh, and while we're at it, our Muvico (which was wonderful) got turned into a Cinemark and now it's ###. The prices keep going up and the maintenance of the building is going down, it's DISGUSTING. So Cinemark, you thieving pieces of ###, join Dick Dick in the rolling-off-a-cliff activity.

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  • Je
    Jennifer023 Dec 27, 2014

    I'm employees and I feel like I get a lot of varbal abuse and harassment by them. They treat me really horrible.

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  • Je
    Jessicau Apr 17, 2016

    My boyfriend and i are movie freaks! We go to the movie theaters on a weekly basis. This day we happened to find a wallet. I know the feeling of loosing something that's so important! And it really sucks! I approached the lady at the box office from the side and I nicely said "excuse me" she imidiatly yelled "you have to wait in line like everyone else" I was honestly surprised because I was only trying to return something I found. I'm honestly really disappointed.

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  • Ma
    Mayurip May 04, 2016

    Every time we visited cinemark we always face some or other bitter experience and this time it was a hike, when we enter cinemark today and it was so hot as they have turned off all the a.c. in this summer can you imagine a movie experience without a.c. in a closed hall with lot of people around you in the middle of summer?? we tried to complait about it to the menager, who was sitting in a chilled room but he dint care and ask us to go. I wd like to advice cinemark that if they can't afford an a.c. than atleast arrange fan.

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  • Ta
    tabernacle May 17, 2016

    05/17/2016 viewing Captain America. Theater was extremely warm. Many people wirer complaining about the heat in this theater. Nothing was done to solve this issue. Over 100 people in theater suffering uncomfortable heat and slippery floors due to the humidity levels. Been a satisfied customer of your company for many years, this was surprising.

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  • Se
    seylea Jan 11, 2018

    @tabernacle You can bet management WAS working on the problem. They just didn't keep you informed of all the steps they were taking to get the ac fixed. We really do care about the comfort of our patrons, just sometimes crap happens and things break, and sometimes you can't get HVAC into the building right away. Sometimes, your movie is over before they arrive to fix the problem.

    BTW, ac is NEVER turned off in the summer. It's always set to ~68-72 degrees.

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