Cinemark Theater, South Park Meadows, Austin Texasmovie sound

P Aug 07, 2018

Tuesday 7, August 2018 - 9:45a.m. Showing" Mission Impossible Fallout" in Theater #4
We were all set to enjoy a movie this morning and as usual the sound setting was extremely loud - as (I assume) it was still set for the Monday evening crowd.
We usually have to ask that the volume be lowered because of so few people in the theater this early (our choice - just for that reason). My husband went out to the Lobby area and found a couple of Bosses, asked them to please turn down the sound as there were only about 7 people scattered around this theater (#4) . I was having to put my finger in my ears to lower the sound (which brought the level down to normal). Well we waited and waited nothing was done. We decided to leave and got a refund. The ticket taker was the only one who cared why we were leaving. This happens every single time we go, usually the person we ask to please turn it down complies with our request. We received our refund to the $60.00 Gift Card we have but if this complaint isn't taken seriously it will be the last time we come to Cinemark South Park Meadows. Maybe you should make the Boss sit in one of the movies at first showing for the day and see how extremely loud it is.

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