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I live in Washington state. One cannot access Chumba in Washington. At the beginning of October, I was in California for the week. While there, I played Chumba for money. I had to update the credit card information with the billing info being that of my address in Washington.

I won $1,000. I went to deposit it and realized that I needed to update my banking information. I received an email a couple of days later stating I needed to provide a bank statement. I responded to the email that I wouldn’t be able to do so given I was in an area with poor cell service. I asked what the options were to get my money deposited before I left California. I explained that when I returned to Washington, I wouldn’t be able to access my account. The representative shut my account down, stating that Chumba was not authorized in Washington.

I sent a follow up email explaining that I was in California. I explained that if I lived in Idaho and I wanted to use marijuana that I could travel to Washington state to do so and that this same scenario should apply to Chumba. I also explained that they had no problem taking my payment with a Washington address.

I have had no real response in return. I have since asked for a refund of the $340 dollars that I deposited. I requested this several times and have heard crickets in return. What I wanted was to be able to deposit the money that I won, but I will settle for is the money I spent. That was the message to them. Given they wrongfully closed my account, the refund should have been granted immediately.

It should also be noted, that I sent the representative a snippet of what happens when you try to access Chumba in Washington State AKA verifying that one cannot access it here.

Desired outcome: I want a refund of the $340 that I spent

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