Choice Hotels Internationalnasty rooms cockroaches everywhere

On 10 4 my boyfriend and I rented a room for his birthday in cave city ky. were from shepherdsville ky and wanted to get away, when we got to the room there were zero towels 1 washrag was the only linens in the room only 1 pillow on the bed. The room was filthy but after driving all the way here we couldn't drive home because my boyfriend gets up at 2 am to go to work and he was very tired. The couch is filthy, there are several dead cockroaches in the fridge, huge stains on the carpet. So I have about 3 hours worth of work to do on my computer and the wifi signal is way to weak to reach my room . I went to the desk to address the issue and my tablet and phone connected immeaditly. So I went back to the room and lost signal right away. I couldn't sleep because I'm very creeped out by the hundreds of cock roaches so I decided to set in the lobby to get my work done and the desk person said ( these are his exact words) I can't have you loitering down here . So not only is this hotel nasty, infested with cock roaches, don't have adequate wifi signal, no linens in the room but the desk person was very rude and in apologetic. This is unacceptable and a very bad way go do business. I will be contacting the better business bureau, health dept, social media so that other customers don't have their week end ruined as well. I feel like econo lodge don't care anything about their guests . We have stayed at choice hotels many many times and it's always been a nice stay. But as I set at McDonald's to get my workm done for 4 hours I became more and more upset. I just can't believe they would treat us this way

Oct 05, 2019

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