Choice Home Warrantyhorrible telemarketing practice

M Oct 01, 2019

While I cannot say much about the warranty part for this company as I had no claims during the one year with the company, I CAN SAY THAT THEIR MARKETING AND TELEMARKETING PRACTICE IS HORRIFIC! THEY DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER AND KEEP CALLING MY PERSONAL CELL PHONE EVERYDAY, GETTING ME OUT OF THE SHOWER OR STOPPING ME FROM WHAT I AM DOING, JUST TO ASK ME TO RENEW MY HOME WARRANTY WITH THEM. THIS STARTED 3 MONTHS BEFORE MY WARRANTY EXPIRED AND IT IS THE BIG FLAG THAT KEPT ME FROM RENEWING WITH THEM. Honestly, I had no issues with them. I would have renewed, BUT NOT ANYMORE! And I will go ahead and I will leave as many reviews as I can with various websites online. I get phone calls from a different phone number EVERYDAY! And they do not get it, I WILL NOT EVER, renew my home warranty with them.

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