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Today, I went to pick up and order that was placed on Sept 20, 2019. I was sent and email earlier in the week stating my order was ready. So, we go to the store and I tell them my name, the cashiers as unprofessional as they ALWAYS are. State well you're order ain't here, I don't why they sent you that email. Can you imagine the frustration, now if this is the first time I could see this. But this is the second time it has happened. Either your staff need better onboarding and customer service skills but I felt no one their knew their job duties. As well inquirers to me about if I was hiring (clinic manager), in which they're ready to jump ship. Please, improve your process of ensuring the right information is conveyed to your customers. It quite frankly was a waste of my time and I rather shop at GAP to ensure better customer service.

Children's Place

Oct 06, 2019

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