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Please do not register for a "The Children's Place" credit card, also known as "The Place" credit card which is operated by Citi credit cards. I opened an account with The Childrens Place online because you recieve 20% off your first purchase made with the card and I had a substantial order since I was purchasing school uniforms for my son. I recieved my order without issue but it took almost 4 weeks to recieve my credit card in the mail. This was the first piece of information I received regarding my account. I did not recieve any statement, etc. prior to this. A few days later I set up to view my account online and to my surprise my first payment was past due and they charged me a $25 late fee and a minimum balance charge of 2.99 on a 35.00 balance. I sent a message to customer service via their online email and after 2 days it was still listed as "unread" even though it states they will be read within 2 days. I then called their customer service number and was directed to 'Citi' cards which operates their credit cards for them. That person could not help me get rid of the late fee because it was already in "collections". Per that persons advice I had to call back thru customer service and pretend that I didn't have an account so that I could be directed to someone that could help me. The next person I spoke with did delete the $25 late fee and the $2.99 min. charge but despite me telling them that I never received a statement because it was a new account they just continually told me that 'yes in todays environment with so many credit cards it is hard for people to keep track when things are due." I told them that I only have 3 credit cards and once my payments and credits go thru I will definately be cancelling this one. They never even apologized for the inconvenience. I will still purchase items from The Children's Place because as far as the clothing goes I have been relatively happy, but from now on I will use my own card.


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      Aug 22, 2011

    anniecat, I work for Citi and read your complaint. Let me be the first to apologize for the inconvenience we caused you. What you were told about the reason for not getting a statement being the fact that you had a new account is a poor excuse. So, I apologize for that, as well. I'm glad that we credited back the fees, but I'm sorry to hear you won't be a Citi customer anymore. However, I do understand your frustration. Please send me an email, because I'd like to see what can be done to try to keep your business. Please use both addresses below, let me know that you came from this site, and copy in your original post or link. Thank you.

    Kind regards,
    Mike Cardace, Citi
    Customer Service & Advocacy

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      May 07, 2012

    Anniecat, I also feel this card is a bad bet. I cancelled mine today. I have had the card for a few years, but rarely used it as my kids are getting older. However, I used it and to my own fault the bill was mixed up in our tax preparations. I admit to our payment being late. However, I have always paid my bill in full and have an excellent credit rating so I called to see if they would consider waiving the $27.00 fee. (My original bill was $29.xx). I was told there was no way they were waiving my fee. When I expressed my suprise based on my credit history, I was told that since I was not a frequent user of the card there was no way they were going to waive my fee and Jonathan the customer service rep was rather nasty. I cancelled my card on the spot. The extra savings is not worth the hassle, especially since their customer service hours are very limiting to those who cannot wait on hold during the work day.

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      Jun 27, 2012

    I had this credit card for 6 years and I still have the same credit limit as the opening of the account. I have a stellar payment history paid in full every month for years. I have excellent credit and many other credit cards 2 of which are also Citibank cards. I do not understand this i had cards less than a year and received credit limit increases... ironically this is my oldest credit account and the lowest credit line.

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      Sep 04, 2012

    I signed in, paid my bill, and signed out. I then attempted to sign back in and it told me that the ID or password I used was incorrect (I cut & paste them, funny how it worked only minutes before). Their site is extremely difficult to find- you can't even get to it from Children's Place online. They never sent me a bill. When I signed in, the payment was due in less than a week. Of all my cards, this is the most frustrating one to pay. The costs far outweigh any benefits. Although I wasn't late paying, it was only because it seemed like quite a while since I paid on this card, so I decided to look at when my last payment was. I'm going to cancel this card as well.

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      Jan 09, 2014

    i just had the same thing happen to me. i have never been late w/a payment w/them. iam disabled & having been having some problems. dec 2013 bill i was enable to pay my 25 payment so i paid 20 got a call about it being late the lady told me that if i paid the 5 she would wave the late fee. jan 2014 i pay 25 get a call saying i have a late payment to pay i said why because i didn't pay it for dec charge. they said they took the fee off my balance. my bal is 700 the lady said the balance is for the charges & fees. well i was told it was taking off my balance so what is the min. due. when i owed more it has been 25 for the last six months. i really do not understand but i will never be a customer of this company again. i will let others know how i was treated & not helped. every other credit card co takes the fee off if u make the payment. so done w/citibank & childrens place.

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      Dec 30, 2015

    Lol I have been I a battle with them for months !! I can not get a bill from them!! I don't use it often about 2 a year for kids clothing . I have good credit I just bought a new car and house this summer! I have tried to get email billing they won't set me up - I have asked for a paper bill to be sent to myself they told me that they can't send me one because I have moved ? But they want money . I origally made a purchase of under 30$ I got dinged on my credit - so I called they are soon as I got notice I asked what address they were sending my mail to they told me they couldn't tell me. Lol but my mail had been returned to them I talk with someone in collections because I was sent there!! I have never had anything on my credit :( so very upset about that - after weeks of trying to get them to send me my bill I still don't have one even tho the collection agents have my correct address!! Why won't they send me a bill . I have asked them to send me one or give me dates--- of sent back ones they would not . I have called the bbb on them and a online credit authority still nothing except the collection department calling me telling me they hit another month late on my credit they want almost 200 $ for fees if they sent me a bill and fix it I would pay!! What I owe not fees for them not sending me one . One customer agent that I told I was unhappy and would be closing my act once I get a bill told me if that's how I feel to bad but I still owe wtf I have had this card for 4yrs - I also have other credit by citi homedepot ex.. And have no problems with them or getting my bills from them- don't get this card it a joke mostly there customer service it's sad when the people in collections are nicer then customer service.

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      Nov 22, 2019

    First of all, I feel scammed into this card. The only reason I opened an account was because at checkout I was offered 30% off of an order if I signed up. My purchase was significant enough to make it worth the hassle. I clicked to sign up, put in all of my info, only for it to tell me I already had an account with them and they would just use my current card at check out. First of all, I was like what? Because I didn't even realize I had an account. Then I get to checkout and there was no pre-filled card info as promised so I proceeded with my purchase and checked out. Fast forward to a week or two later to find a brand new Place card in my mail welcoming me to a new account. I already had one, remember? So not only did they lie about me having an account already, denying me 30% off of my order but sent me a new account info and card. I called furious as I did not get the $90 off of my order. The person that spoke to me was so inept it is hard to even describe how pointless the whole conversation was. He kept saying he would give me a 30% off code for a future purchase. Why would I need to make a near future purchase when I had just purchased $300 worth of items? He said I could return the items and then re-purchase, but I would lose all rewards I had used on that purchase in the return and they wouldn't credit them back. So BEWARE when signing up for a card during checkout and beware of this company altogether. I love the clothes, but the service and rewards program is horrible. If I earn a $10 reward and use that $10 reward on a $11 item and then return that $11 item for an exhange or store gift card, I will only be refunded $1. They will not refund your $10 reward cash earned.

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