Children's PlaceCancelling online order

M Dec 03, 2019

I placed an online order for my twins daughters for Christmas on 12/02 it was 22 items for $170. I placed the order and the funds were debited from my account. I recevied an email with a confirmation # at 7:22pm. Then I recevied another email at 8:07pm stating my order was canceled. I called the 800# they were closed, so I called on 12/03 and was told they didn't know why my order was canceled and they couldn't reinstate my order. Also, I was told my funds will be release on Friday(12/06), which doesn't help me because, the sale will be over!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and the customer service rep laughed and said she is going to tell you the same thing(WOW). She was right, the supervisor was no help!!! Long story short, I'm done with The Children's Place! I work in the customer service field and I would never treat my customers this way.

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