Children's Placepayroll

A Aug 03, 2019

I started worked for this company not too long ago. I began in the middle of a pay period which meant for me waiting two weeks until the next pay period came around to receive my very first paycheck. Yesterday should have been that day and it was not. When filling out my online paperwork for a hire, I decided to receive my pay in check form as it was an option and I did not carry a voided check with me to sign up for direct deposit. My lead manager is on vacation, so I reached out to my assistant manager, who told me that all she could do was look into it which was fine with me. There seems to be no idea as to where my paycheck is as I learned that the store do as doesn't offer check. I switched to direct deposit on my next working day which as of today would be 2-3 days ago today. This is my first job since I had my daughter in Dec of 2018. I am working to earn income and income is what I deserve. I told my assistant manager that I will not be returning to work for free and to not get paid.

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