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8:41 pm EST

Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation Once upon a child Enfield Connecticut location

The manager of the Enfield store was extremely rude and disrespectful when asked about the process of selling. I won't waste my time going to a store where the manager sounds miserable, and uneducated! Talking to me like she is the most miserable person alive and saying things like "that don't" and "it ain't". Talk about making a customer feel like they are nothing but a bother.

Desired outcome: Talk to people like they are human beings that have feeling! Try to run your store like you are happy to help! Maybe refrain from acting so miserable when a customer asks you a question that they would like answered.

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4:08 pm EST

Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation Ridgeland ms location for once upon a child

Today 12/29/22, I went into once upon a child in my area ridgeland MS and once again the owner of the store was there. Which you would think is wonderful but the owner obviously cannot count. We had a disagreement about a brand new block set which still had the seals and tags on it bc my son just got it for Christmas. Unlucky for him, it was a duplicate gift so I took it unopened to this store along with many other items. The owner opened the block set and gave me the container back that they came in. I asked why. Because logically it shouldn’t have even been opened considering it was new and could have been resold in her store as “new”. Her response was that she needed to “count” the blocks because the box stated it contained 20 but there were only 18 blocks in the box. Well the lid of the box was a stacking platform for the blocks so that’s one piece and then the container itself was another piece so what do you know? There’s the other 2 pieces she thought she was missing. She also separated many outfits I brought in with sets for shorts and bloomers and kept the dresses or tops and sent the pants or bloomers back with me stating she didn’t need them but it was part of the set. This woman clearly doesn’t know much about baby items or clothes or even how to count and I’m tired of trying to take my stuff to her and leaving with half of it that I can’t do anything with. It’s a waste and I believe someone needs to educate her better on the franchise/ children’s clothes and toys because I moved here from Florida and this is not how the other stores I’ve been to operate. If someone is buying something used or even second hand, the last thing they want is half of the set missing or pieces missing from toys.

Desired outcome: The owner to have proper training or better coaching on what items to accept and what items not to accept.

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12:51 pm EDT

Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation employment

This is a franchise, as such I'm not expecting to follow a complete corporate protocol. But please avoid working for this company, specially the one on Hunter's Creek in Orlando, FL. The owners are clueless when it comes to managing a business. They think is a sweat shop and think that for the misery they pay, they are allow to treat employees as garbage. If for any reason they know you are more knowledgeable than they are, forget it they would make your life a living hell. Minors do not get a break every 3-4 hours as stated on the department of labor. Employees do not get a 15 minute break when they work more than 6 hours. Sometimes employees have gone days without toilet paper and soap just because the owners don't care. If you can avoid working for this specific franchisee please do so.

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Is Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation legit?

Our verdict: Complaints Board's thorough examination reveals Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation as a legitimate entity with notable strengths. Despite a 20% resolution rate on customer complaints, which invites a closer look, Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation stands out for its commitment to quality and security. Clients considering Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation should delve into its customer service record to gauge compatibility with their expectations.

Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation earns 94% level of Trustworthiness

Perfect Trust Endorsement: Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation achives 94% ligitmacy per Complaints Board. Highly recommended, yet always stay vigilant.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and email, as well as 4 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers.

A long registered date for can be seen as a positive aspect for Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation as it indicates a commitment to maintaining the website and its domain name for a long period of time. It also suggests that the company is organized and has taken steps to secure its online presence.

The age of Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation's domain suggests that they have had sufficient time to establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and services. This can provide reassurance to potential customers seeking quality products or services. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL.

Our scan shows Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation website is free from malware and phishing activities, which are types of online threats that can include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, and other malicious code, as social engineering tactics used to trick users into sharing their personal information. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

Several positive reviews for Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation have been found on various review sites. While this may be a good sign, it is important to approach these reviews with caution and consider the possibility of fake or biased reviews.

We looked up Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation and found that the website is receiving a high amount of traffic. This could be a sign of a popular and trustworthy website, but it is still important to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the site before sharing any personal or financial information

10:30 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation Rip Off and dishonest

This place is supposed to be accepting gently used children clothes and offer cash to parents for the items. I was skeptical at first but decided to try. Clothes are in excellent condition, most never used with tags still on as my kids outgrew them before they could use. Took to the location on Guelph line in Burlington. They sorted and took out about 20 items which included the brand new ones and the thick sweaters. Then they had the nerve to offer $12. That would be about 50 cents a piece. I was so disgusted, I just asked for everything back and left, what a complete waste of my time. They must cater to the families who are in dire need and then take advantage of people making them think this is all clothes are worth, then sell for 10 times what they bought it for. Very very underhanded and misleading advertising as they promote "buy anything and pay cash on the spot". In essence it is a pawn shop for clothes, while they prey on the families that cannot do better. I would rather give to a local church all the items. Hope people are not desperate enough to succumb to this poor business ethic practice.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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West Seneca, US
Aug 12, 2014 5:32 am EDT

"In essence it is a pawn shop for clothes, "... You are correct, They are just that.
They do NOT pretend to be anything other than a place that pays very little so they can make a profit.
They are taking a risk that what they bring in they MIGHT sell. They are more than likely going to sit on these items for months with hopes that someone will buy them.
You MIGHT sell them for the same amount if you had a garage sale.

11:03 am EDT
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Once Upon A Child / Winmark Corporation Racism

Went into Once Upon A Time store on October 4, 2012 at around 1:30 pm. A blonde caucasion woman around her late 20's took one look at me and rudely said if I can put my bags behind the counter, they dont allow bags in store. Only purses or backpacks. Store is located inside a shopping center, and bags were purchases from other stores. Was not greeted or anything. Thats the first thing I was told when I just walked in. I am a Mexican woman in my early 30"s, never stole anything in my life. Why would I steal from a second hand store! Then a caucasion man entered the store (with a couple bags) and there were two other caucasion ladies already inside store when I walked in. She greeted the man with a smile, asked the other ladies if they needed help. Did not acnowledge me one bit. But she did try to follow me around the store and tried not to make it obvious. But I know what she was doing. Was going to say something to her because I just felt embarrased, shocked, and sick to my stomach. I just asked for my bags and left the store.

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Proud Mama
, US
Apr 30, 2014 1:14 am EDT

Into the store and their was 1 long line. I parked at the front door with flashers on because I had heavy items and my son with me. I was told I needed to stay in the store in order to be waited on in 20 min. I pointed to my car and told her I needed to get something for my son and she tld me no. But she stated I needed to move my car. I said how can I move my car when you wont let me leave the store she said never mind leave it there. I said I guess so. From that point on she threw my items and had aver nasty attitude. She stated this was a new rule she was implementing. I got my ticket they offered me around $45. She tld me to go to the back of the line to get cashed out. I said you guys need some help. She rolled her eyes. A white lady walked in the store. Unaware of everything that had just went on a she proceeded to say you guys are busy and that they needed extra help. I stated to the lady that they were disorganized Today. The manager told if I insulted her workers one more time she kick me out. She stormed so I'm standing there waiting in line she comes back and sAys You have to leave the stOre now.

Momof Three
montrose, US
Oct 06, 2012 11:13 am EDT

I have been in there many times and have never experienced that before. I'm Mexican also and they have never been anything but nice. One time I came in with bags to sell but they stopped buying for the day and they said I could put my bags down so I didn't have to carry them around the store. They are the nicest people there and the last thing I would call them is racist.

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