Chico's Retail ServicesUnethical behavior


I would like to report unethical, discriminatory behavior, I have observed between the Sales associates and management at:
Chico's Store: 0203
Town and Country Village
12650 Memorial Dr. Unit 426
Houston, Texas 770247

I have been a long standing customer with Chico's for well over a decade. For the past 8-9 years, I have shopped at this store regularly and have had the pleasure of receiving the diligent, consistent, and outstanding customer care of your Sales Representative, Ms. Ondina Kadic.

A couple of months ago I came to the store and witnessed a new employee, Ms. Julie Clark, openly ridiculing her co-worker Ms. Ondina Kadic about her European accent in addition to making very inappropriate/offensive racial and political remarks about Ms. Kadic. To my surprise the Manager, Heather, stood by and instead of correcting/redirecting Ms. Clark, she smiled along and nodded her head to Ms. Clark, even when Ms. Kadic quietly expressed to management that she was not comfortable with these type of jokes and political comparison on her account. Management further went on telling Ms. Kadic to take it easy it’s all in good fun. Then a few weeks ago when I came to shop there again, this abuse toward Ms. Ondina Kadic was still ongoing.

As a customer, I was uncomfortable and offended even standing by and observing this type of belittling, humiliating, and bulling toward an outstanding Customer Service Representative, such as Ms. Ondina Kadic. I was truly in disbelief that this type of behavior would be displayed by adult woman that are in management positions.

At first, I had decided to stop shopping at Chico's in order not to fund this type of political aggression and unethical behavior. However, after sincere contemplation, I was compelled to report this type of unprofessional, unethical/unacceptable mob mentality that went beyond any business ethics requirements in a civilized, sophisticated environment such as Chico's. I was certain that the Complaint Department would want to know about this incident and appreciate the opportunity to correct this type of behavior.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information.
With best regards,
Sarah Lara
Phone: [protected]

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