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04/05/18. I received a postcard for a free tote on Wed 04/04. Starting date for the availability was 04/02. I went to the store 04/05 of course we have none left. So the sales associate contacted the Ross Park store of course they did not have them either. The sales associate indicated oh you can call in and we can reserve you one next time. I understand while supplies last. Obviously the stores do not get enough for their customers. The sales associate says we can give you $10.00 off item. Really is this how Chicos does business. I am a loyal Chicos customer. This will make me think twice before I go back and make a purchase. Thank You


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      Aug 07, 2018

    I received a Chico's postcard 8/7/18 thanking me for my patronage and telling me they had a gift (garment bag or tote) for me to pick up at the store on 8/5/18. I arrived at the Cumming, GA store located in the Collections shopping center about 2 hours after the store had opened on 8/5/18. The sales associate and the store manager stated "Corporate sent 6 gifts and all were gone". They further stated "25 customers were waiting in front of the store before opening time to receive these gifts". I thought this was a strange comment coming from the sales staff so I telephoned the store in Alpharetta, GA in the North Point shopping center. The sales associate answering the phone stated "Corporate didn't send us any gifts". Now why would a registered NASDAQ corporation pay an advertising firm to send thank you postcards with gift promises and not deliver these gifts to the stores? Is this a SCAM? What a disappointment.

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