Chico'sGift Card and Credit


I ordered merchandise online and tried to use a gift card I had been given for Christmas. Unfortunately, the site wouldn't allow me to use the gift card without also entering a credit card number. When the confirmation came through, only the credit card was listed so I sent an email immediately and asked that they ensure that the gift card was used. I received an email back assuring me that it would be, and I would see a charge card credit. A week later, I was on holiday with my daughter and tried to use the gift card at a retail outlet; they told me the balance was $0 -- very embarrassing. I called Chico's customer service while in the store, and was told that there was a balance -- but they couldn't activate it, After more than an hour, they finally told us that "finance has frozen the card and you will need to call them directly on Monday". I have tried with absolutely no luck to get MY OWN MONEY released (the gift card). Perhaps the only CS Rep to actually listen will succeed -- but the embarrassment, the lost time and totally unacceptable response mean that I can no longer either recommend Chico's nor use the retailer for (extensive) travel wardrobe requirements.

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