Chicmerefuse to give refund

T Jul 17, 2019 Review updated:

Made an order for $51.88 using the online shopping app CHICME. PAYMENT WAS TAKEN. Order was not being sent to me. ( customer service gave NO REASON to why my, order was not being processed, even tho payment was already taken off my debit card. I cancelled the order. Customer service stated, if order was cancelled before it was sent out then id get my refund 7 business days later. MY ORDER WAS NOT PROCESSED. Then after 7 days, i called to check on refund status, no update. then 14 days called again. Still no update. So then 21 days called again. They informed me they require proof that they took my money. I gave them a COPY of my ORDER. Proof that $51.88 was taken off, my debit card. They now just send me the same message of proof is required before refund can be sent. I sent ANOTHER copy of my order and the proof that the amount of $51.88 was taken off my card and NOT RETURNED YET. They NOW state, a refund can not be issued as the " order" no, longer exist due to the " time, passed since the order was cancelled". A refund, of $51.88 is still owed back to me!


  • Ja
    James Askew Sep 26, 2019

    Chicme, Why? why waste folk time with this foolishness. It would be so much easier to produce good products, get great reviews and have the best return customers. Why create this web site and cause all this unnecessary chaos?

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  • Mi
    micaela delacanal Oct 07, 2019

    Encargue el día 25 de sept y aún no me lo han entregado! Exijo una respuesta sobre el producto o que me devuelvan el dinero

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