Chicken Lickenpoor service and returned food served

Ya Oct 01, 2019

I went and bought the original lunch meal at Chicken Licken Bank City. I left while the order was being prepared and returned a few minutes later and another customer was returning an order and the agent at the store took back the order only to hand it to me when she was assigning my order, I inspected the order and it was already eaten and so I returned it to her and told her i cant accept it as it was already eaten.

She took back the order and had a long chat laughing with the other staff at the back who just switched the order box and gave the same food i had returned as eaten. I had ordered non hot chicken and the chicken in there was hot, not to mention the food has already been eaten and looked a mess from them swapping boxes.

This is the worst service ever and I paid money for proper food and got crap. Then to be treated like a fool and be given the same food that had been eaten. I have ulcers so i could not eat that food even so I had no choice but to throw it away.

IF returning it made no difference I don't know.

Chicken Licken
Chicken Licken

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