Chevron Gas Stationfailure for pump to cut off

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Just filled up at the Chevron on I10 in Van Horn, Golf course exit. My husband was filing up the car and let go to cut off the pump(#7). The gas continued to flow for an additional 1.5 to 2 gallons. The gasoline ended up all over him and the street.

He went in to ask for assistance. The women behind the cash register showed no concern no sense of urgency. Very casually said ok I'll tell someone with no action nor concern for the customer. Continued to stand around and gossip about the customers, openly and loudly.

1) customer is wet with gasoline, forced to air dry in an enclosed car for am additional 7-8 hours, with family members exposed to the fumes.
2) environmental impact
3) overcharged for gasoline spilled
4) failure to stop the situation from reoccuring to the next customer


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      Oct 04, 2009

    This happened to me in Dalhgren Virginia. I can't remember the station but it is on Rt. 301 next to the Burger King. My experience was exactly the same. Quite often I put the gas hose on automatic and this was the first time, the cut off switch did not work. I too got wet with gas, etc. I went it to complain and got no sympathy or redress. The manager was not there. When I got to my destination, I called and I stopped by on my way back to Maryland. Still no luck. Unfortunately, I eventually forgot about it but since then I am very careful not to let that happen to me again.

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