Chevron Corporationgas station

M Aug 05, 2018

Called police because your employee trusted to give me gas after I asked for 4$ and he was harassing me saying I'm stupid and can't read because I parked at a pump without gas and then told me to goto another gas station.

I ran out of gas while riding in and happened to park at the one that was closest, went inside to give 4$ for gas then he told me what I said above, then I backed up car and moved it to another pump and he locked the door and I couldn't pay and called the polIce to make a report

Then while waiting 25 min for police he said I have to move car I said I will if you let me pay for gas.

Abusive disrespectful not helpful and refused service and car is parked in gas pump for 40 mins waiting for police

I have been going to that gas station for 3 years and know people that work there and since this new guy starting working there it's been horrible service always waiting to chit chat when he works and trying to be smart with me.

You should fire this person because if anythi he does not have the right to let me sit there for 30 mins and not let me get my gas

Police came and he was able to let me pay for gas.
5801 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
United States

Do not go there it is horrible and considering it is in imperial point with a Ferrari dealer next to it even more so.

Now my favorite gas station is HORRIBLE with ZERO service.

Gas station with horrible employee

Tel [protected]

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