Chevrolet2104 chevrolet silverado

D Aug 13, 2018

I bought my 2014 Chevy Silverado used in 2017. It had about 34000 miles on it. It now has 74583 miles. I noticed the other day that in my roof right above my front windshield the instinct started to flake off. I got closer to see if something had hit it and the was no sign of impact. And the vehicle had never been in a wreck. And the area of fishing keeps getting bigger each day. I took it to my paint and body shop and he said that he has seen quite a few white Chevy and gmc trucks eighth the same issue. So I am going a complaint because the instinct should not be coming off, much less on a 4 year old vehicle that I take very good care off. And I know GM had had many paint issues in the past. Im not ordering to have my roof fixed just to have it start in another area right after.

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