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AstridLoa on Dec 11, 2018

Bad experience. By system error I got the wrong tickets So I tried to contact Cheap Tickets customer service to cancel within 24hrs but I received the worst, very rude. Instead, They were saying I should wait for the tickets to expire then they will be able to cancel so when they did II... / being stranded in barcelona spain

Chrishelle on Nov 11, 2018

To whom this may concern; I purchased tickets through CheapTickets from LAX to Barcelona Spain in December 2017 for October 2018. On 10/15/2018, my fiancee and I experienced what can easily be termed a horrendous travel event. It began upon our arrival at the Barcelona Airport on October 15... / hotel stay price match

Brandon Kwit on Jun 29, 2018

I use your services all the time and I'm going over to customer however your prices are not always the best and I found a lower rate price for my trip for three nights at the Motel 6 in Scottsdale I called operators the gentleman told me that he would just need to verify the right so I... / cheaptickets. sg under bcd holdings

Geraldine Ong on Jun 5, 2018

i think your online bookings will only go well IF (big IF) you have no contingency plans on cancelling due to unforeseen circumstances. I made a minor mistake in keying in the name of my friend, and quickly send in a change notification within 12 hours (less than that, probably within 4... / buying tickets and getting fees

Lee18 on Feb 13, 2018

Cheaptickets is gimmic to charge fees to your card and not actually booking your flight online. Then when you call in to customer service they give you a higher price for the what should be a discount online. They up the price to get you to pay more han what is advertised online. It'...

Cheap Tickets / definitely a scam

Patrcia on May 12, 2017

Please stay away from this store, they are not to be trusted! Cheap Tickets is a bad site, they stole my money and there's nothing I can do to get my money back. I have already spoken with them so many times but they simply didn't care. After I paid I didn't receive any... / fees

Anda on Apr 11, 2017

I booked a flight with CheapTickets and had a terrible experience. The worst thing about this site is that they have many hidden fees and most extra services cost additional money. There is no information about that on their website, and you get to know about these fee only when you really...

Cheap Tickets / this cheap tickets is nothing but scam!!

Helen on Mar 3, 2017

I am extremely disappointed with Cheap Tickets!! I bought a plane ticket via their website and their rep said that I'll get my ticket via email. I waited for several days and there was no sign of my ticket. I contacted Cheap Tickets and their rep said that ticket was sent to me and told me...

Cheap Tickets / Alaska Airlines / change tickets

SR7 on Jan 23, 2017

On Dec. 5, 2016 I called Cheap tickets to change 2 round trip tickets from FAT to PDX, from Jan. 3 – 7, 2017 to Feb. 10 – 13, 2017. I read on your web-site that there would be a $125 fee for each ticket and I was willing to pay $250 for the change. The first person I spoke with was very... / error on booking side

Debalina on Aug 16, 2012

Hi, I booked a ticket for 10th April from Boston to New Delhi and back on the 17th. The lady confirmed the ticket for these dates, booked, money went from my account. After few hours, I got the internary by email for 7th April from Boston to to Delhi and back on 17th. I have no idea how... / no refund for bad hotel experience

Xiproe on Mar 5, 2012

I checked into my hotel in LA paid for through When I got to my room I noticed no Electrical outlets. I have a spinal implant with a remote that requires charging. I went to the desk to ask for another room with outlets and they told me the rooms were all the same. I... / false advertising and unable to do what they said

Lakride on Jan 30, 2012

I booked a flight for 9 seats through an agent from on the phone 3/10/2011 with their advertised price of 339.30. I received an e-mail confirmation and a confirmation number. In that e-mail confirmation it specifically said, and I am coping and pasteing the exact... / bad service

GodEr on Jan 19, 2011

During the past year my companion and I have been touring Europe in preparation of writing a cheap travel guide. Planning our return trip home to the USA we booked 2 tickets from Madrid Spain to Cancun Mexico on flying Air Europa. Air Europa's published baggage fee...

CheapTickets / scam


Two months ago Cheaptickets offered me an up0grade on my lifetime membership and offered discounted airline tickets, hotels, and a cruise. They charged my credit card $108 .They said the packet would be delivered to me within two weeks. I called them at least five times within the past two...

Cheap Tickets / this company is very unprofessional and unethcal


This company, is very unprofessional, unethcal and surely does not care to resolve any mistakes that they make with the customer. They are rude and unethical, even when they make a mistake. The canceled our tickets did not care about their mistake, or want to recognize, in addition they...

Cheap Tickets Travel / avoid cheap tickets at all costs, you will be sorry

Be very careful when booking with cheap tickets online. their system billed me twice for the exact same person flying twice on the exact same date and time. when contacted to refund the duplicate they refused saying both tickets were used.impossible, it was the same person, same name and...

CheapTickets / bad service

TLG*GREATFN they charged my account for the past few months. I have been paying $13.99 every month ever since I bought airline tickets online from I didn't figure it out till I checked my account online this month. When i called the TLG*GREATFN "company" their stand...

Cheaptickets .com / misrepresented airline tickets


Cheaptickets readily took my money for a flight that had no seats. >we were left standing at the gate at midnight at lax as the plane pulled away without us. Cheaptickets offered a medley of double talk re our "riddle" ticket being confirmed, but the airline not offering "confirmed seats" at...

CheapTickets / horrible customer service


I am very unhappy with the level of service that I received from Cheap Tickets. On April 8, I booked a roundtrip flight on their website. Today that flight is listed at $200 below the price I paid. While I understand that prices fluctuate, I also know that changes can be made to even... / overcharged


I booked a multi destination flight to New Zealand and to Australia and had multiple different options for the days that I wanted. I booked, they charged me and then 2 days later I got an E-mail saying that it could not be validated. Naturally I called them to adjust the...