Changi Airport Groupunclear signage and rude staff at the t1 taxi stand

W Oct 01, 2019

1 Oct 2019, 9:15pm
After dinner with my friend at Jewel, I booked GRAB home.
While walking from Jewel to the nearest taxi stand, which is Terminal 1 taxi stand, i could not see any signage for arrival pick up point. Hence, I was heading towards taxi stand. When I reached taxi stand, I realised that this is for those who want to queue for the taxi, not for the Grab Booking. But I am not too sure where is the pick up point for my GRAB. I approached to a Malay lady (plump, with specs, in uniform) who was standing at another exit. She is not the one coordinating for the taxi service, she just stood there. I asked her: Is this the exit for GRAB? (showed my booking). She shouted: GO UP AND TURN RIGHT! HERE IS FOR TAXI, SIGNAGE GOT WRITE! HERE IS FOR TAXI! TAXI!
I remember clearly that there is no one around me and there is no reason for her to raise her voice and shout at me. Imagine if this is my first time visit Singapore and this kind of service was given to me once I touched down in Changi Airport, such a bad impression and experience! Is this the service an airport staff who is working at the front line should have when someone has simple enquiry and needs guidance?
At that moment I was shocked and did not take note of her name. I followed her instruction GO UP AND TURN RIGHT! While walking up from taxi stand, then I am able to see the signage to Arrival Pick Up. i double confirmed again, for the direction from Jewel to taxi stand, there is no way we can see the signage. We can only see the signage from the direction from taxi stand up back to Jewel.
As one of the TOP and BEST airport in the world, is this the service and standard you should have? I believe that I am not the only one who misled by this unclear signage, this may be the reason why the staff was so annoyed by my simple question.
Even though the staff may listen to the same question over and over again for the day, as a service staff, you should not raise your voice when answering question. This is so rude and unprofessional. I got scolded for nothing and this is caused by the unclear signage?!
I was quite happy with the dinner I had at Jewel and would like to end my day happily, just because of this, my night was ruined.

I hope the management will look into this signage matter as soon as possible and ensure the frontline staff have the basic manner and be professional.
Changi Airport is one of my favourite place to have meals with my friends and family. I hope that there is some changes done to solve this issues and I wish that such a bad experience will not happen to me again.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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