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Dear sir/ madam,
My name is Andrew Lanham and I am writing to head office with a formal complaint.
On the 28/09/2019 I went into CEX ( 103-105 Armada way, Plymouth) to enquire about an 8gb Graphics card ( in shop price £130), it was a gift for my son.
I explained to the clerk at the time(ginger bearded chap) that I am unsure if this would be the right graphics card, being that I am totally computer literate, as I was purchasing it for my son as a surprise, the clerk clearly explained that if it didn't work, I could bring it back for a full refund,
On Thursday the 3rd of October I gave the card to my son, he was so excited.. I had an experienced computer fitter, install the graphics card, but with several attempts could not get the graphics card to power up.
I returned to CEX today Tues 8th Oct with the graphics card, and explained that it's not working, they said they would have to test it,
After testing they returned and said it worked fine and could only refund me with an in-store credit note, I asked the store manager ( Paul) ( who wouldn't provide his surname) if I could see it working, he presented me with a receipt with (in working order ) hand written on it.. that was not enough proof for me, so I asked to see it working, and was told customers were not permitted to go behind the counter. As a receipt and his word (Paul store manager) was not enough for me to accept that it was working, I asked for a refund in full, and out of the blue, I was then asked by Paul to leave the store, and if I didn't I would be removed by security, I told him it would be assault if anyone placed there hands on me, I was then told by Paul he was calling the police, I replied please do...
I discussed the issue with the officer and he the conversed between Paul and I, Paul insisted that the card was working properly ( (still no evidence given to prove it was)and store policy is that he will only give a credit note. I was advised by the police officer to complain to head office, as even he couldn't reason with Paul.
I have been humiliated and embarrassed by Paul and the whole situation.
I can provide a copy of the receipt and I am seeking a full refund of £130. Please

Many thanks Andy Lanham
Tel, [protected]
10 Treby Road

CeX /

Oct 08, 2019

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