CeX / WeBuy.comblu ray walking dead 1 - 7 box set

My son had some birthday money he wanted to spend and went to cex to trade some items in and buy walking dead 1 - 7 boxset. When he went to buy the box set on blu ray the item had two prices one for £25.00 and one for £35.00 shop assistance turn around and charge us the £35.00 one. I thought this was disgusting as the week before it was priced at £25.00 but couldn't get to store to buy this item, also while he was trading is items he nearly lost out on £10.00 because assistance didn't scan every item in, it was only that he had some some research of how much he would get re trade that we new. Feedback code 097af766 and selling items feedback code is d695d31e

Oct 04, 2019

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