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aggressive driving

I merged into the next lane with plenty of room. The vehicle behind me (centerpoint vehicle) in the lane I was merging into increased their speed and began to tailgate me. They then entered the lane next to the one that I merged into and sped up to make threatening jesters (fists shaking and yelling). I felt like I was in danger and was further frightened when I realized he was driving a centerpoint vehicle. After the altercation he sped away. Before he sped away I managed to get a little information. He was driving a newer model full size truck with four doors and the plate started with the letters "BX". The centerpoint employee was white, mid thirties, light brown hair and was wearing a hat. I think his hair was shaggy. I was shocked that an employee of a big company would drive so aggressive. I was truly frightened. I want a call back so I can learn what steps u plan to take against this employee so I can feel safer on the road.


I purchased a home on Galveston Island in 2000. It came with a trespassing power line running diagonally from the alley crossing the back of the home (no easement) to an adjoining house that has a zero property line. I have contacted Centerpoint service representatives many times over the years; specifically since hurricane Ike as this house has not been unoccupied and is dilapidated. It has NO service, yet Centerpoint refuses to remove the line due to “prescriptive easement” greater than 7 years. Adverse possession.

There is a high-voltage pole on the corner of my property at the street that runs down the alley (utility easement). In April I noticed that the ground wire had been cut several times up the pole and discovered that the top of the pole was burnt down to the crossbar. The insulator at the top of the pole had been moved to the crossbar so Centerpoint must have known. Concerned about proximity to my house, I faxed an inquiry to Centerpoint’s Daryl Kensy April 4th, 2012. April 27th Centerpoint contractor removed more than half of my only backyard tree, not only what hung in the alley but ~5 feet into my yard. May 2nd I emailed Kensy again. His return fax (previously he only called) stated simply that the pole replacement was scheduled.

June 4th, I had a nervous breakdown when I discovered that the replacement pole was moved over 4 feet and now the high-voltage line diagonally trespasses over my yard/fence line! I will not willingly forgo my air space! Daryl Kensy has a copy of my property survey. What arrogance to trespass again with a high-voltage line. They have stolen my ability to construct a garage pavilion matching the height of my 32’ home. My tree was removed so the power line could tresspass my yard without obstruction.

How can I get Centerpoint back into the 3’ easement of the alley – space designated for utility use ONLY? I must defend my property rights and end this hostile use. Centerpoint Energy proves to be a bully and a thief. Trespassers

  • Kemps Apr 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Consult an attorney, that is the key to winning.

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ruined my front yard

In late November 2011, I smelled gas in my front yard in Bellaire, TX. Centerpoint Energy came out to...

Extreme delays in response for service

I have been working with Centerpoint Energy power consultant for over 90 days. Multiple request for information, when information is provided usually 2 weeks pass, then receive request for different information. Process is stifling to construction and growth. Is this possibly the objective of Centpoint in order to delay services they are obligated to provide. How to can this grave situation be corrected?

centerpoint unfair to cut off service without proper notice

Centerpoint energy cut gas service to our home without proper notice to me for a $37 balance that was only 30 days past due. I Had to pay over $200 to get service restored after adding all the fees up. Beware that Centerpoint uses deceptive billing practices to disrupt your service and make money on the restoration fees. They came to our house and cut off the gas and did not bother to knock on the door or leave any notification that service was cut and we only knew then the heater failed to start that night. My wife and children had to endure a night of cold weather in mid January due to the interruption. I feel like Centerpoint has such extreme policy for such a small balance that was due. I called customer service to get an adjustment for the fees they treated me like a criminal even though I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years. Unfortunately Centerpoint has a monopoly on the gas service so I had no choice but to pay up the extreme fees or be without heat in my home. Hopefully in the future I will have a choice for my service and I will be so glad to get rid of Centerpoint.

  • Kemps Apr 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are past due then a notice is sent out for the amount due and the due date. If you ignored this then you gas being shut off is not anyone's fault but yours. Restoration is what is owed (past due amount) and $22.50 restoration fee. The amounts your referring to are not adding up so your leaving out some important facts.

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natural gas interrupted

I am very frustrated and reaching out to you in hopes of getting the word out reagrding this matter. Below is my email to the BBB. I am currently without natural gas, in the winter, with kids. No heat or hot water.

I had my service disconnected for the first time in the 19 years I have been with Centerpoint for a late $41.00 payment. It was my oversight, my fault. But now they are trying to charge over $200 to reconnect. I talked to manager "Lucio" last night who agreed to waive the deposit and suggested if I pay the remaining $101.83 last night before 9:00 pm, my service would be restored the following day. I called this morning and spoke to manager "Alma" who 1) said Lucio did not waive the deposit and 2) said I would have to wait until tomorrow or pay another $40+ dollars to get service today. I have 4 kids at home tonight with no heat and no hot water. I am not a second class citizen and refuse to be treated like one. It is also my understanding that service is not supposed to be interupted during the winter months? I have been lied to and cheated and because Centerpoint is the only provider (monopoly), they could care less how their customers are treated. TRUST I am sending the above to every major news agency in Houston right now. I am beside myself with their lack of service, compassion and integrity.

  • An
    Angry Houston Citizen Dec 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for the kind words.

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  • An
    Angry Houston Citizen Dec 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you Ms. Nirple. Money is not the issue. The fact that they did not advise me if the disconnect prior (they claimed to have called and sent notice) and that they lied about reconnect date and amounts are why I'm frustrated. This entity can do as they please because we here in Houston have nobody else to turn to because of regulations. There is no competition, therefore no service.

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stealing energy accusations

I moved into this house October 2007, due to an illness in the family my mother M. Miller, well she passed in...

Lots of delays and excuses

Centerpoint (also Centerpointe) Industries is a vending machine sales company based in Houston, TX. They specialize in getting new customers set up in the business.

I ordered three vending machines in late July. Steve Greene (the owner and "account manager") promised shipment in 10 to 14 working days. The contract specified shipment within 21 working days. It's been over eight weeks since the order was placed, and so far I only have excuses. Steve has given seven different verbal deadlines, and missed every one of them. Hey--at least he's consistent, right?

The contract does state that in specific circumstances, Centerpoint can take 45 working days (nine weeks) to deliver, but Steve has provided no evidence that these circumstances apply. I requested evidence of the delay or contact information for the manufacturer to confirm the delay, but none was given. He claimed a "minor part delay, " but that excuse was used for four weeks running and was supposedly resolved over week ago. Since then, I've been repeatedly promised callbacks with shipping confirmation and tracking numbers. Still no machines have shipped, and I no longer trust Steve's word at all. For all I know, he's used my money for a timeshare in Bermuda.

Steve has often not been available and usually returns a call only after repeated calls within one day, or after threats of legal action. (Actually, I've found that online reviews also get responses--more excuses but no real action.) He once told me to speak to "Ann Willis, " the other account manager, if he was not available. When I asked for Ann Willis, the secretary told me that there was no such person there, and that Steve was the only account manager. (OK, I had imaginary friends too when I was a toddler, but imaginary employees are a bit much.)

When I was checking Centerpoint out two months ago, there were two complaints on the BBB report. Now there are seven, and since mine has not yet posted, I wonder how many more are in the system. I have found Centerpoint impossible to work with, and delinquent concerning its business agreements. They have missed seven deadlines and not returned 17 calls placed on 12 different days.

Bottom line: if you like excuses, delays, missed deadlines, and being ignored, go for it!

  • No
    Nowaybcd Aug 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi - please look up 'Business Center Development'. I think this may be the same Steve (middle name Lynn) Greene. Sounds like the same MO except in my case he took me for $50Ka couple of years ago. It also looks like others share the same experience. If so leave a comment and I'll leave an email with my address so we can talk. I'd like to see this guy have to answer for his activities

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smart meter a/c electrical damage

Centerpoint installed the new smart meter in my neighborhood just over a week ago and caused my unit and my...

Customer Service

Worst customer service ever. Seriously, the worst. In my time on earth I have never delt with a company that is as rude as this one is. My service was disconnected yesterday. I have lived at my apartment for three months, and in those three months I have NEVER recieved a bill from CenterPoint. I have called a dozen times requesting a bill be sent either to my home or email. Nothing ever arrived and when I got home last night my service was disconnected. No door hanger, no note, and no bill. So I called customer service yet again today and man was I in for an experiance. I placed three calls total trying to figure out what was going on, and EVERY SINGLE rep was insanly rude, to the point that I was shocked speechless on all three occasions. It wasnt the information that was being told to be that was the problem it was the way in wich it was delievered. I will state again I have never in life delt with a "company" that is this rude. It doesnt help that all three reps gave me vastly different stories as to what was going on. I finally gave up and called the Arkansas Public Service Commision and they were able to get cleared up within a matter of minutes. This disgusts me, I dont have a choice as they are the only game in town and they know it. To top it all off, I now have to take an ENTIRE day off work because they cant give me an estimate as to when a rep will come by to reconnect services. Even the cable company isnt this bad that is really saying something. I regret ever doing business with these folks, its legalized corruption at its best.

Gas NOT on

I moved into a house April 8th 2011 and requested to have my gas turned on between the hours of 5-8. I was at the house by 4 pm. We waited and waited. unpack while waiting for Centerpoint to show up. NO ONE EVER SHOWED UP.(no phone call either) Naturally being a friday they are closed for the weekend. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE HUH? So I called Monday morning, customer service said they couldnt do anything for me until April Tuesday 12th. I then requested the time again to be 5-8pm.Also talked to the "supervisior" and they were very short with me and didnt care...No one showed up for the 2nd appt... It is now April 13th going on 5 days of NO gas. I now have a 3rd appt scheduled for today we will see what happens today

  • Ce
    centerpointsbitch Nov 21, 2012

    After a small gas leak outside, Centerpoint showed up quickly to cut off the gas. I was promised that a crew was on the way to repair the line. No one showed up. Day 2, I called centerpoint again and was told a crew would come and repair the line. Day 3: the day before thanksgiving...we still have no gas, the means our family cannot cook or bathe. Again, Centerpoint has promised to be here...we might be eating cereal tomorrow.

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  • Na
    Nancy Feng Feb 25, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    His name is Charles . He is so rude to me. I never see the people like that. He discriminate who not speak very good English. When I asked him let other people to help me, he said: " nobody can help me" Is a big company only have one employee? He just keep repeat don't understand my name. Is "Nancy " a difficult name to know it?
    This employee is so bad.

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Smart Meter Installation

Three months ago, Centerpoint installed a smart meter at my home. Since then, I have been experiencing very...

83a (superviser in houston office)

I am very Shocked that Centerpoint Energy employs such individiuals, that lack human Morals!This individual...

reconnect fee

CenterPoint Energy disconnected my gas without giving me a formal warning. CenterPoint Energy never called me to let me know that my account was past due. They never left a red tag on my door warning about the disconnection.

CenterPoint disconnected my gas over a $42.72 bill And then they charged me $60 to reconnect my gas. It took them two days to get someone out to my house to reconnect my service. Plus, they insisted that I be there for them to reconnect. They didn't have a problem disconnecting my gas without my presence. Imagine that!

Yeah! That's right. They disconnected my gas over being last on a $47.72 bill. And then CenterPoint Energy charged me $60 to reconnect the gas. Price gouging.

I want everyone to know about

  • Ch
    Charterwood Resident Oct 13, 2010

    I meant to say "They disconnected my gas over being late on a $47.72 bill" Late on such a small amount. I had to pay 150% of my bill to get them to reconnect my gas. What a RIPOFF!!!

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  • Sh
    Shipp Dec 27, 2010

    They disconnected mine over a 50.00 bill without warning or tag on my door on a Wednesday. I didn't realize it was off until Thursday, but by then they were closed for the Christmas holiday. The only way I ever reached someone was to say that there was a gas leak, but that lady just told me that I would have to wait till Monday (even with a 5 month old and when temps were going to drop to 28 over the weekend). I called 7:00 sharp Monday morning and was told I would have to pay 60.00 to reconnect and was then told that they were all booked up for that day so it would be Tuesday before someone could come out. If I wanted same day service it would be a 47.00 fee.

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  • Gr
    GraceAtwood May 25, 2011

    They are awful and they have you over a barrel. This has happened to us twice. My husband receives the billing notice in his e-mail, and he doesn't check his e-mail half the time. I don't even know the date it's due and I have asked him numerous times to change it to paper billing. This time we did get a cut-off notice, but the date due showed 5/26 on the top of the bill and on the cut off notice side, said 5/21. Well, our gas was cut off yesterday. My husband got them to turn it back on by not only paying the disconnect fee, but you have to pay an additional $45.00 to move ahead of the line. Since this has happened one other time, he was keen on getting it turned back on before I got home. So a $75.33 bill ended up costing $161.69. They really could care less--why give good Customer Service when you're the only game in town? The day I have a choice, I will be moving service from Centerpoint. I don't think writing to the PUC will do any good, but I'm going to do it anyway.

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Wrongful disconnection

For anyone who is having a problem with Centerpoint here are a list of direct phone numbers for managers. I have also attached a link to the code of ethics with phone numbers as well. You can also call human resources and file a complaint with the ethics board and it will be investigated. According to public records one Owner is Jodi Brown. I will find the info and post for everyone. Maybe if we all start calling the owners and expose their greedy money stealing behavior we will get a resolution.

"Yellow Pages" Contact Information for Competitive Retailers
PRIMARY Point of Contact with CenterPoint Energy is Electric Market Relations (CR Account Management Group)
Page 1 of 5 As Of 10/12/2009
Contact Name
E.Mail Address
650_02 Disconnect Response Not Received
650_02 Disconnect Response Not Received
Business Development
John Cook, Economic Development Manager
Bob Turnbull, Director
Business Risk Analyst Group
Alva Jones, Business Risk Analyst
Lisa Harris, Business Risk Analyst
Sandra Matthews, Business Risk Analyst
Steve Ross, Business Risk Analyst
Earline Green, Business Risk Manager
Business Risk Analysis Mailbox
Business Risk Analysis Document Fax Station
Call Center (Customer Care Services)
Competitive Retailer - Safety Nets (8 to 5PM)
Competitive Retailer - Safety Nets (After-Hours)
Competitive Retailer Direct Hotline
Customer Service (Houston Metro)
Customer Service (Toll Free)
Lee Doehring, Call Center Manager
Shonda Royston-Johnson, Call Center Manager
Geneva Roton, Call Center Manager
Melinda Sutherland, Director
Competitive Metering
Kevin Kulhanek, Account Manager
Competitive Metering Mailbox
Competitive Metering Document Fax Station
Disconnect for Non-Payment
(Forecasts, exceptions, arrangements - master meter premise, non-metered services, critical load, large industrial locations)
Disconnect Forecast Mailbox
Distributed Generation
Glynn (Bruce) Raborn, Lead Engineer
Electric Market Operations (Transaction Management Issues Resolution)
Transaction Issues Resolution Mailbox
Sonja Collins, 727 Data Extract Variances
Karen Davis, CIS / Mass Market Issue Resolution
Earline Green, Business Risk Manager
Esther Kent, Transaction Management
esther, [protected]
Terri Smith, Transaction Activity Group
Susan Neel, Director

"Yellow Pages" Contact Information for Competitive Retailers
PRIMARY Point of Contact with CenterPoint Energy is Competitive Retailer Relations (CR Account Management Group)
Classification Contact Name E.Mail Address Telephone
Business Risk Analyst Group (formerly Credit & Collections)
Lisa Harris, Business Risk Analyst list.[protected] 713.207.5217
Alva Jones, Business Risk Analyst alva.[protected] 713.207.5112
Sandra Matthews, Business Risk Analyst sandra.[protected] 713.207.8515
Steve Ross, Business Risk Analyst steve.[protected] 713.207.7554
Earline Green, Business Risk Manager earline.[protected] 713.207.1511
Business Risk Analysis Mailbox [protected]
Business Risk Analysis Document Fax Station 713.207.9923
Call Center (Customer Care Services)
Competitive Retailer After-Hours Emergency & Error Recovery cnp.[protected]
Competitive Retailer Direct Hotline [protected] 888.572.4399
Customer Service (Houston Metro) [protected] 713.207.2222
Customer Service (Toll Free) [protected] 800.332.7143
Lee Doehring, Call Center Manager lee.[protected] 713.207.7780
Shonda Johnson, Call Center Manager shonda.[protected] 713.207.8929
Dominic Robinson, Call Center Manager dominic.[protected] 713.207.4374
Melinda Sutherland, Director melinda.[protected] 713.207.4311
Competitive Metering
Troy Donovan, Account Manager troy.[protected] 713.207.3411
Competitive Metering Mailbox competitive.[protected]
Competitive Metering Document Fax Station 713.393.0400
Competitive Retailer Information Portal (CRIP)
Competitive Retailer Information Portal
Competitive Retailer Relations (CR Account Management Group)
George Bilnoski, Account Manager george.[protected] 713.207.6687
Troy Donovan, Account Manager troy.[protected] 713.207.3411
Kevin Kulhanek, Account Manager kevin.[protected] 713.207.3444
Phil Suter, Account Manager phil.[protected] 713.207.3852
Cevera White Gipson, Support Specialist cevera.[protected] 713.207.3436
Doug Laughlin, Manager d.e.[protected] 713.207.3673
Competitive Retailer Relations Mailbox cr.[protected]
Competitive Retailer Relations Document Fax Station 713.393.0400
Critical Care Customer Discrepancies Reporting
Critical Care Discrepancies Mailbox [protected]
Disconnect for Non-Payment
(Forecasts, exceptions, arrangements - master meter premise, non-metered services, critical load, large industrial locations)
Disconnect Forecast Mailbox hou-cso.[protected]
Page 1 of 4 As of 09/10/2007

CenterPoint Energy
Ethics and
A c c o u n ta b i l i t y
Turning Words
into Actions
© 2009 CenterPoint Energy 91581

  • Ne
    Neci Apr 22, 2009

    To whom it may concern
    On 04/22/09 I was suppose to have my service restored. The Tech never showed up I am still waiting and it is 7:48 pm. I have called 5 times and the Reps blow me off. I took a day off from work and this is VERY poor customer service. First I could not make an appointment, and then I am still stuck without gas. I refuse to accept this I need immediate action. I will not take another day off.
    A Very Unsatisfied Customer
    [email protected]

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customer service

CenterPoint Energy has THE WORST Cusomter "Service" I have EVER experienced in my life! Plain and simple. Just read the other complaints here. They have a monopoly in some areas and do not care how the customer is treated. They will make you feel like and idiot and demean you every chance they get you on the phone. If they get tired of hearing your story, they will just put you on hold and never return to the line. They are combative and rude. I've never posted a complaint on any company in my life, so it has to be pretty bad for me to do this ...

  • Ta
    Tashah Mar 17, 2010

    Centerpoint energy could quite possibly have the worst customer service call center I have ever talked to. I attempted to pay my gas bill online but couldn't get my password correct and after answering the security questions and resetting my password I found out I was locked out. So I call to make a payment over the phone and get cut off before I get a confirmation number. I call customer service to check to see if the payment went through and they can't help me, I have to call the place they use for payments. At this point I'm really frustrated and voice my frustration to the person I spoke to, she could care less. I told her that I found this unsettling and that I found it hard to believe that she couldn't check for me. If she can't that's bad on their end, if she can she's just lazy. Either way I'm not helped and getting more peeved. Then I tell her that I'm locked out of my online account and I need to get that cleared up. She tells me that I need to reset up my account. I tell her it was a pain the first time and that I find it hard to believe that someone can't reset it for me. She said you owe us money and who else are you going to get your gas from? I told her I needed to speak to her supervisor, she told me that they don't do that. What kind of customer service is this? The Indian guy at the pay center was more helpful than she was. No wonder we are getting outsourced!
    I feel used and helpless here and I really don't know who to complain to as they don't seem to give a $*!^

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  • To
    towercam Apr 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought this house last year. I though I'd set up all the accounts for all the utilities. Evidently not. CPE, the gas provider decided I was overdue and shut off the gas. I suffered through a weekend of no space heat, stove-oven cooking or hot water. I paid the fees and penalty charge and have since then been trying to set up what they call AUTOMATIC BANK DRAFT. I keep trying, but have had no success so far. I follow their instructions carefully and still no confirmation of AUTOMATIC BANK DRAFT. I FAXED in the application several times. I've applied online for AUTOMATIC BANK DRAFT several times too. My conversations with CPE representatives have been a waste of time thus far. Today's telephonic representative actually asked for my phone number so that some one could call me back. I actually bought it. I'm agreeing that CPE needs a radical reshuffling of suits and mindsets. They're doing a whole lot wrong in the Customer Service area. Shame on the suits of CenterPoint Energy. I'd like to be part of a class action suit against CPE too! CPE deserves to be taken down several pegs. They're abusing their position; a bad idea for a modern corporation.

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  • Jo
    jOHN Q. CITIZEN Sep 22, 2010


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  • Mr
    Mrbigpants Jul 15, 2011

    Centerpoint is run by criminals, ala Enron. They are being sued by the city of Houston for millions of overcharged $! Of course they don't care about us! ### Beck and Masten put up a Kia dealership right behind my house and CP scummies put 3 huge oil filled tranformers 2 ft behind my property on a pole. And they dug 4 foot deep holes on my property with out notice to access a gas line, now its a sinkhole because they did not fill it in well.

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inflated billing, terrible customer service

Bought a single-family house in Houston and moved in in late April. First gas bill, for just 8 billing days, came to almost $150 for gas usage alone -- they said my daily gas CCF was in the double digits! (I just got my 2nd bill, for 31 days, and it was just $22.) Called to complain. They sent a guy to check the meter and he took a reading then left. Got a letter a week later saying my complaint was not valid. Sent them two letters with evidence to detail my complaint and they just ignored them. Called to complain again and they said too bad. Their billing info booklet gives no concrete info about contacting regulatory agencies. (Or maybe it's just that here in Texas, these crooks aren't regulated!) Have dealt with half a dozen gas companies in the past and CenterPoint Energy is by far the absolutely worst. Anyone who knows which gov't agency I should contact please let me know, thanks.

  • Tk
    tkebh979 Mar 03, 2011

    Texas Railroad Commission:

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harrassement of customers (at their home)

June 7, 2010 5:32pm, Eden Prairie, MN A man claiming to be with Centerpoint arrived at my door while my two...


This email is expressing my disgust with the subpar service and unfair treatment I have received from center point regarding my natural gas service. Last month center point claimed my gas billed totaled 188.00. Because I have never had a gas bill larger than 40 dollars, I disputed the charge; even though the customer service representative did his best to try to reassure me center point was correct in the charges of 188.00. I also asked the representative if I needed to set up any payment arrangements anyway, because I did not want to have my service interrupted especially if this was no mistake on my part. I was told not to make a payment until I was contacted by center point. A month had gone by and I heard noting form center point until they came to my home to cut off my gas, in the middle of cold weather. When I spoke with customer service, I asked why I was not notified and she claimed there was a notice sent via U.S mail, which I never received, notifying me of an attempt to collect payment. She also claimed there was a call made and a message left, which I have not received. All in all, at the end of the day my service was interrupted because the 50 dollar payment I made (on my own not having received any communication from center point regarding my bill issues) was not enough. It was 38 dollars short of the adjusted bill from the month prior which came out to be 88 dollars instead of 188.00. At this point to restore my service it cost me the $38 dollars that was the remainder of the bill, $60 reconnect fee, and a $90 deposit. I asked if I could have the service restored the same day and I was told I could for a$50 fee. This was an upsetting situation on my part because the interruption of my service all came down to center point making a mistake by attempting to overcharge me on my bill, and then not notifying me of the corrections. Even though this was not my fault I attempted to rectify the issue by making the payments with no argument. I did not have the all the money to pay to have my service reconnected the same day, but as a loyal customer I asked a supervisor if I could just be billed for the charges because it was detrimental I had the service restored because I am alone with 2 small children. The representative was rude and simply told me no. When I asked if I could speak with someone else I was told no but he would have them call me. This all began on Thursday February 25 and today is February 28th and I have not heard from anyone regarding the issue and I and my two children are in a home with no heat, no hot water, and no way to cook. I know center point does not give a damn about me being a single mother trying to make it, but as a loyal customer I felt as though I was treated as if I were a customer who never pays their bill, and as if I were being unreasonable. I was willing to pay the ridiculous charges which were put on me by no fault of my own. This whole situation has come because I disputed the charges on a bill, which was determined to be WRONG. This seems as though it’s a plot to scam money from me, all because center point was not able to get me to agree with the bill they previously sent out. And even if I were late on the bill by my own fault…. $38??? Really??? Center point would not go into bankruptcy if I refused to pat this amount. Today we are home with no service and I intend on taking this complaint as far as it will go. I hope someone will contact me so I can have a chance to further explain and express my disgust with the lack of respect or customers and the attempt to scam money f room those who are considered “loyal” customers.

  • Ti
    Tito Echiburu Oct 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It has been 2 months that I am trying for the above Co. to reconnect gas service. I have called every week , at least three times a week, to find out why it has not been done. Sometimes I get different answers, but at the end they assure me that it will be taking care, but to no avail. My account # is 3735880-1. Some of the service people are very rude. I will keep trying, but I believe somebody in this Co. ought to know that their customer service is horrible.

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  • Bo
    Bob Oct 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Is your account current? Do you need a city inspection?

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  • Nu
    NURSINTX Mar 16, 2010

    Feeling your pain!! They just now cut off my gas and to have it restored it is costing me more than the bill that is owed. It's not like I have a choice to just find another company. Ridiculous. This is America isn't it? Shouldn't we have a CHOICE?

    1 Votes
  • Tx
    TxsonofLiberty Dec 02, 2011

    Some other states have deregulation in Gas like we did in electricity. Hopefully soon Texas will be deregulated...

    Maybe we should form a nice protest/picket line... see how they like hundreds... thousands... may tens or hundreds of thousands of people converging and complaining at once.

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gas bills

I am the executrix of a house left to me and others when my uncle died. I live 350 miles from this empty house. The house was empty for a year and a half and up for sale. The gas bills were off the chart. I have made many calls to them and have written a letter. No one answered the letter or called about it. I hired a plumber to check out leaks in the home - no leaks. Center Point does nothing. They can't explain why I have these bills. The gas hot water tank is turned off, and the gas heating system is off. People never call you back. The people you speak to have no idea what is going on. I have a list of all the dates I have called them and whom I have spoken to. The house sold in Dec. and today I had the new owners call me and asked about the high bills. When the last bill was off the chart again, I told them I wouldn't pay it and they made a note of that and said they would have someone call me. NOTHING Then I got a statement telling me they were turning me over to a collection agency. If anyone owes money, it is them. They owe me hundreds for their problem that they have not attempted to address.