Cellino & Barnesattorney not doing the case he was hired for then trying to charge for us doing it ourselves

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we hired Cellino & barnes, our attorney was David J Koppelman .we hired them for a car accident clam, David J Koppelman had my wife sign a contract that was for a personal injury, and would not take care of the lose of our vehicle . I told my wife to contact him about it after I saw it, he said it were quitting .and that we should take them to small claims court. she called him and he confirmed they had quit .doctors started sening bills because we no longer had an attorney .we tried to hire another would still be taken care of. he had a Jackie Hernandez call and say they attorney .they contacted David J Koppelman, and he told them there was no money in the case, so they did not take it. we ended up doing the case ourselves. they found out we were going to get a settlement, said even though he did not do the case he was going to still charge us . we said that Jackie Hernandez from there office had called and quit on march 28 2017.he told us she was not a attorney and she did not have the authority to quit and he never sent anything in writing. but he had told us he quit before the case settled when he called us, and he said prove it, it would be his word against ours, we told him he did not do what we hired him to do and we had to do the case ourselves .he said he could not help it if my wife was to stupid to read what she was signing. insurance company said they had not talked to david J koppelman till after we settled the case. that he notified them that he had quit in writing after the case settled, that he quit so he could get a lien on it. some one else from his office got in contact with us who made it seam like he was david J koppelmans attorney said because they did not do the case they would take 500 dollars off what they were trying to get, sent a contract saying all kinds off extra fees it also said that the person we talk to was a paralegal, and he signed where david J koppelman was suppose to sign, he did not want to sign that he was getting the money with out saying we still owed cellino & barnes . we wanted it to say money was going to cellino & barnes 4500.00 and no more, and he was not going to just keep the money and we get a bill from the law firm.but he refused. sounds like this is illegal

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    we didn't try and get them to do something that they don't handle, they told us they did handle it, or we would of gone with someone that did. we complained about them saying they did, and they quit the case before they started the case .they said but you signed the contract so we get full amount weather they work on the case or we settle it our selves. we asked to see anything that they might of done on the case and we would pay for that and they refused. talked to the insurance company and they said they never heard from the attorney till we settled the case.


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    deman1061 Oct 30, 2017

    sounds like you tried to get them to do something that they dont handle. i know my personal injury attorney handled my compensation claim and pain and suffering claim. the repair bill was up to me and my insurance comp - progressive. if they worked on your case they still get money if you go to another lawyer. the lawyers work out who gets paid based on how much work each did.

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    George Slantern Feb 26, 2020

    Cellino Barnes to make a long story they stole my injury claim money. Handle your own cases line us smart people do.

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