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Plus Complaints & Reviews / unscrupulous people

Nov 17, 2017

What's the point of selling things if they are always unavailable? Of course, I understand that you're interested anything, but your customers' money, but hey, where's a bit of your conscience? I ordered a cell phone two months ago that was obviously in stock, and a couple...

Cell2Get / awful

Nov 09, 2017

My wife bought Casio G'zOne Commando C771 (Verizon) CDMA and paid extra for an expedited shipping that would take up to 4 days. That was ok for us. But the problem is that she never got any emails with confirmation, and there wasn't any tracking number. That looked very suspicious. She...

Cell2Get / stay away

Sep 19, 2017

I'm warning you not to buy anything from them. 1. Even if you pay for a fast delivery, be sure, they will be late. 2. They may send you a wrong item. Or it may be the same, but it won't be the one you saw in the picture. 3. If you decide to return your item, be ready to pay for the...

Cell2Get / broken phone

Aug 05, 2016

I have purchased a phone from Cell2Get website and the one arrived was broken. It did not work properly so I contacted the company and asked for a refund and they agreed. I paid for the return shipping and later received a message from them stating that there was nothing wrong with the...

Cell2Get / sell used phones as new

Jun 17, 2015

Ordered an iphone5s in june 2015. The iphone is not working right out of the box. It gives blue screens and keeps restarting. It was sold as new. But the staff at apple store checked the imei number and told me it is a used phone. They sell used phones not new. They will take 15% restocking fee and do not refund for shipping. Phones / sells remanufactured and open box phones as new

Jun 30, 2013

Afer my experience, I beleive that purchasing a phone from is a gamble. It took me 78 days to receive the correct model and new phone I purchased. I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Mobile Phone Model SPHL700KIT on 4/12/2013 and paid for FedEx Ground delivery. I received...

Cell2get cellphone / scam fraud

May 11, 2013

This is a one man operation also known as electronics force. Melvin (his name this month) sits at his computer and pulls strings..Spends half his time writing 5 star reviews to skew his overall rating on review sites..I've been told that this not possible but somehow he is doing it... / this is not good business practice

Jan 23, 2013

On January 15th I placed the order with Cell2get paid for 2 day shipping. Expected the package on Thursday. On Thursday I called the company asking where the items were. I was told it shipped Wednesday and should receive it Friday. I asked for the tracking information and was told it would... / it is the worst place you can buy a new phone

Oct 09, 2012

"Cell2Get, which now tries to undercover themselves as, is the worst place you can buy a new phone. First of all, the advertise the phone with a special price, as if it is new, but it is NOT new at all. Mine came with scratches and after market parts. I bought 2... / fraud, scam

Sep 28, 2012

If you really need a phone in a short delay and at a minor cost, NEVER CHOSE CELL2GET.COM. This is the great scam I ever knew in the USA. If I was very confident in the US online purchases, after the recent fraud (April 2012) I will never trust in any site of the States. I bought a Nokia 6555... / they are putting fraudulent charges on my bank card

Oct 10, 2011

They are putting fraudulent charges on my bank card — boa is investigating them — luckily boa has software that detects fraudlent charges and only 1 went thru which they are taking care of. But they tried 6 times, $200 each time, to put charges thru to my card. I have never used them and advise people to stay away from this company!!

Cell2Get / scam

Mar 16, 2011

They are a scam. Called them on 02/21 and they told me item was on its way and should arrive within the next two days. Called them again on 02/28 to ask for a tracking number or a refund and they gave me a tracking number for an item that had been shipped from HK on 02/26. The tracking...

Cell 2 Get / wrong shipment

Feb 01, 2011

Order a Nextel phone and paid extra for UPS, after a week I called to track the shipment, I was told it was shipped, I asked for a tracking number they gave me a bogus number, when I called back "Melvin" assured me it would be there monday. Monday the phone arrives via USPS (I paid extra... / these guys are busy writing their own reviews and not answering the phone or emails

Jan 27, 2011

Apparently these guys are busy writing their own reviews and not answering the phone or emails. Stay Away! Or don't, and be as pissed-off as I am. Ordered 3 phones over a week ago, overnight shipping requested (and paid for). 10 days later, no phones. Promises from "Melvin" that they were...

Cell2Get / threatened me when I asked for a refund

Jan 06, 2011

I ordered a phone to be shipped 2-day air in order to arrive on 12/24. I called 12/23 and found it had not been shipped and so I cancelled the order. I was told I would be charged a 15% restocking fee even though the item had not shipped on time. I said I would dispute the fee because the...

Cell2Get / fraud


Fraud alert!!! It took almost 3 weeks and several phone calls to get my phone which arrived used and broken, and missing manuals, accessories, etc. I called to tell them I want my money back and they said they wouldn't refund shipping and I would have to pay to ship it back before they refunded my money (Yeah right!). This is outright theft. / defective cell phone sold as new


I bought a cell phone, the condition of which was supposed to be new. Turned it on and right away discovered that my callers could not hear me as my voice to them was chopped up so severly that they had to keep asking me to repeat myself to try to understand me. I called several people and...

Cell2Get / phone received activated with another cell number


Ordered a Sanyo phone as a birthday present and received the wrong color, but I was okay with that. The problem was trying to activate the phone and was informed the phone was already activated with another number and therefore the phone could not be activated. It was an embarrassment for... / fraud


I ordered unlocked samsung d500 through the website and they took almost 25 days to deliver and they deliver the wrong model d520 instead of what i ordered. They don't have good customer support. They do the same thing with me : they told me shipping via usps which comes in fedex ...

Cell2Get / double charge and never delivered


cell2get is a scam. First they double charged. then gave me a bogus fed ex number. then said it shipped USPS. Never received phone. THEN, I googled them and heard dozens and dozens of complaints. I should have checked first. They are scammers. Please stay away. I have disputed the charges on my cc. still pending from BOA.

Cell2Get / non-deliverery of item and restocking fee


On 8/13/2009 I ordered a cell phone Nokia 6125 from an online store Cell2Get. The phone I got was not what I ordered. I contacted Melvin at Cell2Get ( He said mail it back at my expense and they would send the correct phone. After about two to three weeks I did not receive...

Cell2Get / no phoned delivered, money charged


The company cell2get found a new way to defraud customers. They do not send out ordered phones and charged customers 28% of the charged price. In my case I purchased a cell phone from their website. I contacted the company since the phone had not arrived within a reasonable time. I was told... / stole my money


Do not buy a cell phone from these low-lifes! I paid for 2day express shipping. 7 days later I still don't have a phone. Sent emails-no reply. Called 10 times before someone answers the phone. I tell them I bought another phone and I do not want my phone any more. They tell me there is a... / rip off


This has been my worst online shopping experience ever! After many, many phone calls, emails, and chats I still have no phone! This is all after the money was debited from my account so the 'confirming credit card' excuse that was given in the other reports is not a valid excuse...