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To: President of Celebrity cruises August 3, 2023

Mrs. Laura Hodges Bethge.

From: Alexander Caploon

227 Highland Ave

Montclair, NJ 07043

Dear Mrs. Laura Hodges Bethge,

With all my family, 6 people, we usually take a cruise for our birthdays, mine and my granddaughter. In the past we used different cruise lines, mostly Princes. This year we decided to go with Celebrity Summit on July 23 through July 30 to Bermuda. I booked 2 cabins (booking #4091447 and #4101327), all inclusive. At the time of booking, I was told by a Celebrity agent that all internet, telephones, drinks, tips are included. “Do not worry about anything!” And I paid about $10K for everything. We all were excited in anticipation of an excellent trip. I also booked all our excursions including one restaurant, Sushi on Five, which was advertised for free. Got a confirmation # 4091447 with $0 balance.

We arrived to check in at 1 P.M. Checked in, went to the ship and asked for a restaurant to have lunch. We were told that there is no restaurant available for lunch, only a buffet. So, we went to a buffet. Later we found that the restaurant was open. Seems to be we asked the wrong person. It’s just misinformation. The buffet was good. The food is of a very good quality, and we were very satisfied with it. Our cabins were ready by 3 P.M. and we moved in. Nice cabins, clean. No problems. Our luggage was delivered by 5 P.M. but my suitcase was delivered by 7 P.M. We had a dinner reservation in the Qsine restaurant at 6 P.M. so, I went not dressed, in a T-shirt and shorts. The dinner was good and entertaining. It cost us $180. I got a check and signed it.

We went to the upper deck. Everything looks great. Ordered our drinks and discovered – only drinks up to $9 included, If it’s over $9 we have to pay the difference. This is not what we were told when we were buying this package! Tried our telephones and internet – neither one was working for all 6 of us. We went to the customer service desk for some help. They did hook-up us to internet, but the telephones were not working. Usually, I exercise in the morning and at that time I watch different shows. I tried to download any one of my shows and was unsuccessful. My son is a lawyer, and he needs internet and telephone connections. These were the main reasons I bought internet and telephone connections. Neither one was working. The services of the internet were very limited. I asked for a customer service manager and was told that he is busy. I asked to call me when he will be available, and we went to the room. So far there was NOT a package we bought! Seems to be we were completely desinformed and misleaded about the whole package. And that was not only us. I noticed another 3 people complaining about the same issues with the telephone, internet and drinks.

There are 3 people in each room and when the sofa bed was open for the 3rd person to sleep it closed the entrance to the balcony. It’s defeat the purpose of having the balcony. What a ridiculous planning! It’s just a poor design and your agents are selling it for 3 persons with balcony!

Next morning, I went to the gym. The gym is open 24 hours and it’s excellent. It’s a very nice set-up and equipment except – the changing room is a little bit too far from the gym and it’s the only one in the area. It’s still very nice with the sauna.

After the gym I went to the juice bar. Another surprise – it is not included in the package we have. You have to pay $6. Does not make any sense! Drinks up to $9 included but juice for $6 is not. Who was the smart one to even think about this set-up? Tried to justify his existence in the company by saving money? I went back to the customer service manager, but he was still busy. I left the same message to call me. Nobody did.

The next day I went to the service desk again and insisted on calling the manager. Finally, he showed up - Felix. It took 2 days for him to respond. He probably doesn’t realize that he has his meetings because we, the customers, are paying for it. Tried to explain to me that we have wrong package. It’s basic not classic. But this is NOT what we were told by the Celebrity agent. We were not even aware of another packages. There is nothing he can do and if I am not satisfied, I have to pay another $63 per person to be upgraded. And if I have a problem with that, I have to call [protected] and complain there. What an attitude!

In the evening we went to another restaurant, Sushi on Five. This supposedly free restaurant cost me $228. When I asked what the advertisement was for free all about, the respond was “free reservation!”. Is it another joke?

Next day we had a snorkeling trip and to verify we went with my wife to the excursions desk and asked for information. We were told to get a towels in the swimming pool area. So, we went to the 10th floor to get them. Going back to the cabin we were stopped by the maintenance persons and were informed that we are not supposed to take pool towels. They will provide theirs. It is against the rules. How are we supposed to know it? They apologized and sent us a bottle of wine. It was very nice of them. But don’t all involved parties on the ship should know this?

In general, the trip was good if it would not be spoiled by these details. They are details but they are very important for everyone.

Now, looking at my final statement I found few charges which I will dispute:

The Qsine restaurant charged me $180 which was right. Then they credited me to $180 and charged $302.40. What is that for? I called customer service and spoke with Trisha. She sends an e-mail to the ship and we were agree that she will call me. I am still waiting. Tomorrow I will call the credit card and dispute this charge.

My son’s family made a present to me by arranging a birthday dinner at Tuscan Grille. $396 they charged to their credit card. Apparently, it also appeared on my final statement. It is a double charge, and I will dispute that.

We would really appreciate if you would review this letter and compensate us for all these problems.

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