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G Sep 29, 2018 Review updated:

Do not buy piriform/ccleaner products - infected!

I have used and recommended piriform's ccleanerproducts for about two years, they have been very good. I just downloaded the renewed subscription and fpoujnd theosftware to be infected -
I nearly lost my computer.

To save it I had to find and buy a special uninstall program software that cost the same as the ccleaner did! It worked - saved my computer. But i'm out twice the price of the ccleaner anmd a fullk day's aggravation and fear of loss of my system.

Infected! Do not buy piriform ccleaner do not buy! Infected

Piriform/ccleaner has no responsive customer service, I searched for hours for contact and finally found two deeply obscured - there was no reponse to my pleas for help!

During this scare I discovered that just under a year ago avast bought out piriform and purposely infected all the products so as to increase sales of avast products!

Fraud and dishonor - even among the producers of good software products is very alive and rampant!

Do not buy piriform/ccleaner products - they are infected!

  • Updated by GeDog · Oct 02, 2018

    Don't have a name for the infection(s) as yet, but; causes slowing of the computer, freezes (stops for a minute or more), seizures (frantic jiggles on screen and when on Internet changes of pages), and short pauses (a short moment of freeze) I can only describe as "hiccups"! It effects the computer both on and offline. It does not appear to be real-time handling by an interloper. Infection also seems to be changed randomly according to others who have found CCleaner to be infected with different results. None of my several internet security ware, malware, ad/spyware, or systems cleaners can find it. Though, the problems did mitigate to a more useful condition with the total; removal of CCleaner.


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      Sep 29, 2018

    what was it infected with?

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      Oct 29, 2019

    CCleaner is one of the most popular tools of its kind. If the GENUINE installer was infected, the news would spread pretty quickly about that. I use CCleaner at home on a Windows 10 machine and on all FOUR of my machines at work (a mix of Win 10 and Win 7 boxes) with zero issues. And our virus definitions are pretty restrictive and stout. What likely happened is that you downloaded a bad copy or tried to get the premium version from some warez site and you got burned. And... If you came close to losing your machine, then your virus scanner is crap.

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      Nov 26, 2019

    I bought and paid for 2 year Ccleaner subscription fully aware it needed to be renewed annually, 2 yearly or 3 yearly. Recently I stated getting popups saying my licence had expired and I could not quickly find my payment records, so I checked the licence tab and it said invalid licence. So I duly paid up for another year of sunsscription.. When I went to install the new key, the licence tab had changed and showed I had about 16 months of licence left to run.

    So I searched high and low until I found the invoices and receipts from Piriform to show that in fact I had purchased 2 years and had about 16 months to run. I cancelled the new licence, pdf'd all the receipts and screen shots and sent them to Ccleaner customer service asking for a clarification and if as seemed appropriate a refund.

    Despite three emails over a period of time (each delivery electronically receted to Ccleaner customer service, I have not received ANY acknowledgement, explanation or refund from Ccleaner. Finally I have suggested to them if they are not forthcoming, there is no choice but to report to our Visa credit card service provider as apparent internet credit card abuse or fraud, and seek a full recovery. Still no reply from Ccleaner customer service ... so as a matter of principle as I am irrespective of value against internet credit card abuse, left with no option but to take up the tranasaction and Ccleaner / Piriforms reperated failure to respond, even explain. Its certainly not an action I embark on lightly or willingly, but if they will not respond, and are sticking to the money both the credit card service providers that handle their transactions (through an intermediary) and furure customers need to beware.

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