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Sales tactics

Cbeyond is possibly the most annoying telco/ISP company I have run across.

They go through sales reps and move them around frequently... each time having them cold call, solicit, and generally annoy me and my customers.

I have to worry about the extremely pushy and aggressive sales tactics. Some may say that this is good business. But I will never give them my or my customer's business.

Interestingly enough, most of their sales people are young and attractive... seemingly new to the job market and eager to sell, sell, sell... or more like happy to have a job.

Before being "convinced", "sold", or bullied into buying their products/services, I recommend that you do some research. Or better yet, choose another vendor.

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    m Sep 30, 2008

    I have been seriously burned by the salesman and the companys sales tactics so iI have to agree. Be veeeery careful with cbeyond

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    SCC Oct 06, 2008

    At least half a dozen visits from salespersons and more than half a dozen phone calls. They've lied to employees saying that I had asked that they call and they keep coming back after I've clearly told them that I'm not interested and don't want to be bothered again. My latest e-mail threated a lawsuit, told them they will be guilty of criminal trespass if they come back. I wouldn't be suprised to see a couple of them tomorrow. These are not the type of people with whom I do business.

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    Charles Dec 03, 2008

    This is a smart, aggressive company that will do anything to get into your door.

    My client is satisfied for now. But it took about 6 months.
    Yes Cbeyond uses DoorKnocker that are young/cute/ and know nothing.

    The only purpose is to get info: how many phones, who is your IT person, the owners and the amount you are paying now for these services. Phone, Web, VPN, T1... They have to turn in about 20 cards a day!! So the burn out is high. (smart)

    Then they partner with your IT Person for his contacts. (Smart) They will bring them in, feed them - while educating. Then will pay for each sell - rather well (smart)

    If the door knocker fills out your contract, it will not be to your advantage and you will take 6 months to get it straighten out. Plus if you ask them to send you a copy of your will not be the one you signed.

    They have a Professional team in Atlanta that is designed to take care of these problems. But you must first dispute the contract in writing. I know they have had an ear full. You will go through a the list of complaints calmly and to the point - you will end up with a good deal. 6 months later. (smart? - I don't know - Depends on how long my clients stay with Cbeyond)

    However: if you use someone that has dealt with them - you stand a much better chance of getting it right the first time or close to it. Make sure they put everything they say down on the contract...If they don't then you should.

    After the dust has settled - Cbeyond is an OK company. But they rely on a real tough Sale.
    Certanly not ment for the weak of heart.

    good luck

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    dennisismad Aug 03, 2009

    dont ever use their services!

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