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I purchased a home security sytem from this company in June 2006. I called them in April to inquire about the expiration of this 3 yr. contract. I was told it would expire in June. Nothing was said about a 30 day written notice required to cancel the contract. Since I failed to do so the contract automatically was renewed for another year. I was told failure to pay another year of service would send my account to collections. I have contacted the BBB and the local media and the State's Attorney. I am now researching legal options. Any reputable, honest company would contact their customers in advance of the renewal date. This company needs to be exposed for total scam artists they are. These are deceptive business practices and should be illegal.


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      Aug 20, 2009

    Please keep us informed... I'm in the same situation. I'm paying for service in a house I no longer live in. Ive called Castle Rock/SAI/APEX and they will not let me out of the contract which just renewed because I didn't send in a cancellation letter. I called them 6 months before the renewal date to cancel because I was moving out of the house and they told me I had six months on my contract. So I paid those six months thinking I was done with them just to find out my contract was renewed for another year. I'm so pissed!!! We need to put our resouces together to presure on this company.

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