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I was renting my house when I had a system installed. When they signed me up I told them that I was not sure how long I'd be at this house that I was thinking about buying my own house. I was told that even though I was signing a contract for three years I could cancel it because I was moving WRONG!!! When I tried I was told I had to pay until July 2010. I have been making that payment since July of 2009 for a service I can't even use. This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I really can't understand how they are still in business. I sent an email on February 12th 2010 letting them know that as of July they will no longer be getting paid for nothing and if they even try to debit my bank account it won't work. I will be way ahead of them I am putting a stop pay on my account the end of June. They will not renew my account EVER. I am all for a suit brought Against this thing they call a company. After reading all these complains against this company who are they montoring it sound like all they are going is collecting money for no service from a whole lot of people. WHY CAN"T THEY BE SHUT DOWN.


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      Mar 23, 2010

    I am having the same problem. These people are crooks and whatever you do DON'T pay them. They are doing this to a lot of people. My advise to you: DRIP ON THEM! Misrepresentation, alteration of contract, both verbal and otherwise without your permission constitutes fraud as well as violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Spread the word and send complaints to the following:

    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Response Center
    600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20580

    Office of the Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
    Consumer Protection Bureau
    500 South Second Street
    Springfield, IL 62706

    Make sure you cc CastleRock and Anderson, Crenshaw & Associates. The more people who complain about these crooks, the better.

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      May 15, 2010

    Same thing goes for me. Orginally a 36 month contract. My contract end date is June 2, 2010. I called today May 14, 2010 to cancel my contract. Also, to note my control panel board is broken and they will not repair unless I recontract for 3 years at 44.99. When I said I would just rather cancel everything, they said my window to cancel was May 2, 2010 and that since it has passed that date I will be billed for another year. So basically I will have to pay for another year of service for a broken monitoring service and the only response I received from them was that they were "honoring" the contract that I had agreed to, acting as if they are doing me a favor. I said well both parties can electivly eliminate that contract if in agreement and I would like out. To that response I received the answer, we are just following the contract that you signed up for and at the time you signed for a year add on, not a month to month. I was nevered offered a month to month... This is ridiculous. I will also be filing a complaint against the BBB.

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      Jun 08, 2010

    I am in the same situation! My cancellation date was may 7th. My wife called them back in march and tried to cancel then. They told her that we couldn't cancel til may 7th. Nothing was ever said that we were to send in a cancellation letter nor did they say that if we didn't cancel on that date that we would automatically be signed up for a new year. This is complete B.S. I this company needs to be complete shut down. There was no letter or call warning us that if we didn't send in a cancelation letter that we would be automatically signed up for a new year. I have already filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I will send letters to the Federal Trade Commission as well as the Attorney General of Illinois. Make sure that if you are getting scamed by this company that you do the same.

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      Jun 11, 2010

    I am also being scammed by this company. I notified them May 4, 2010 that I had never heard of Castle Rock and my 36 mos contract was under Security One which I signed June 29, 2007. I was told I had until May 29, 2010 to respond and I did with a certified letter asking for a returned receipt. I also enclosed a check which I was told the amount due was $83.98. Then on May 19, 2010 Castle Rock placed a yard sign in my front yard and left several window decals in my front door. Again, I called these crooks and they acknowledged they had received my certified letter. On June 7th, 2010 three calls were received by Castle Rock stating my account was past due because they did not have access to my checking. saving or a credit account number.I called them again and was told they had never received the check for final payment but yet the check had been enclosed in the certified letter. GO FIGURE. I did write the BBB in Chicago and did receive a response from them. Now Castle Rock replied and said I had not given them the proper notice which in fact they said they had received the letter May14, 2010. They also stated they do not go door to door and put up signs. What now I have a ghost. I called my bank and they said the check did not clear costing me another $30. I feel they did receive the chec k and kept it so they can claim I defaulted on my remaining two month payments. I was also told the alarm is working which maybe they are receiving signals, but if you turn it on it will not go off. I also am writing the Attorney Generals Office here in Nevada., as well as filing in small courts claims. There are over three hundred complaints on these people and I certainly feel they should be not only shut down but charged for fraud.

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      Aug 13, 2010

    I called Castlerock BEFORE the contract expiration date, but was told it was too late to cancel the automatic renewal, as they required notice 30 days prior to the expiration date. I explained to them that I was selling my home, and the new owner was not interested in the security system. I also explained that the home I was moving into already has a security system for which the landlord pays. The home is no longer being monitored, as the phone line is no longer active at the home. The bank account from which the funds were being drawn has also been closed.

    When they discovered they could no longer get payment from the closed bank account, they called me and offered to let me out of the automatically renewed contract if I agree to pay them 6 months charges (the was only 9 months left) ...

    Since I refuse to pay for something I am not getting and have no use for, they advised me today that they will send it to collection...

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