Cashbuildtimbers for roofing

I G.T.S. Monnagaratoe bought timbers from cashbuild Mafikeng in 2017 and specifically paid for timbers that are SABS approved. To my surprised cashbuild deliverd timbers stamped YORK SATAS; i immediately called the manager Mr Sikhosana and quieried the quality of those timbers delivered to my place. He assured me that those timbers are in good condolition and they are SABS approved. But now as we speak timbers are breaking and have black fingd on them fue to poor quality. I was robbed by cashbuild and i guess its the fact that i am a woman. A month ago u went to the shop to report the matter and Andy just said to me no its because carbolene was never applied to the timbers which is an insult also because the timbers used ro build my grandma's house were from cashbuild and werr bought 32 years ago and are still in good condition

Oct 03, 2019

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