Cashbuildstore manager

I was the contrator at Cashbuild Uitenhage, Im no longer there due to the manager(Dries) racism.He even with hold my money back last month I only got it onFriday(4/10/19) He told me there is damaged stock I had to pay for but never gave me a list of the goods. When he made the invoice he on hes own subtract the money and never gave me my stock, he told hes DM(Conrad) he sold it, the DM said he must make out a invoice for my money back but now when I phne him hes rude and have a attitude and put down the phone in my ear.Im so sick and tired of hes rude and rasicm manners. If this matter is not sorted Ill take it to mass media. My name is Roderick Blaauw of Blaauws Worldwide Transport and General Services(Pty) Ltd.

Oct 07, 2019

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