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last year November 2016 I went to Cashbuild Kuruman to make a quotation on building material, I live in Florida Johannesburg I then approved their quote and transferred money into their bank account, this year January I gave my younger brother money to go and add bricks which he did and he realised that they where running out of cement so he reduced quantity of bricks to add cement and there was a balance of R3000 which was supposed to be refunded to him, he was told to bring the proof of payment I did last year November. I then called Phillip Mokoena (employee at cashbuild Kuruman) and explained to him that I can not find it he said bank statement is ok, I tried sending my bank statement to them but they claim they don't receive my e-mails. today my mother went there to give them my bank statement and the proof of payment I did last year, they told her I have to go there personally to sign for that money to be paid on my bank account. I find this disturbing because my younger brother is the one who paid this money cash not me if they had to refund the money I transferred into their bank account I would understand, and for me to go to Kuruman from Joburg just for a signature its totally unfair considering what I would spend on petrol.

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May 29, 2022 9:21 am EDT

Ia m very disappointed with Cash build , I open a building loan with a bank, the bank transfer the money to cash build, unfortunately the project did no succeed, I phone cash build to ask if they can refund my money back, the answer was a No, they say I need to buy with that money because the money is on cash build account. Very stressful

May 20, 2022 2:30 am EDT
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I am not happy at all with the cashbuild head office...I have the payment card it's loaded,I went to the store to ask for a refund on some of the money,I signed the form but was later informed that the money will reflect after a week! I don't understand because that is my money and I desperately need it by the end of not happy at all,I don't understand why it has to drag but it's easy when I deposit the money.i doubt I will continue with the payment card 🤦


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