Cash 4 GoldThey have not sent my money for my gold I sent to them

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I sent my old gold rings, white gold rings, and earrings to cash 4 gold and it has not been 5 weeks since I have sent them. They say once they get my package with in 24 hours I will get my check for them. That is not true. I have not gotten any money from them. They said one time that it was my post office fauth for me to check there. I did and it was not there. They say that they insure my gold if it gets lost but not true. I put in this package my mothers gold band that was her husband and that is gone too. I hope that someone can do something about this.

Thank you for your help,
Mary Nixon


  • M
      Aug 07, 2010

    Are you people that stupid to send your gold to someone you dont even know?
    What did you expect???

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  • M
      Aug 08, 2010

    Well, Mr.Timati, we are not stupid. Maybe the one who is stupid is you for making that comment... Now, what did you expect.???

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  • O
      Jul 05, 2011

    MrTimati is right. I see these commercials and the first thing I think is scam. You have to be absolutely brain dead to send valuable items through the USPS to complete strangers. There are PAWN shops that buy gold and silver and you can get good money, plus, if you don't like the offer you can leave and you still have the valuables.

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