Casey’s General Storeshiring drug dealers to work in your stores


I would like to know how a person who was caught on camera working at caseys in oronoco mn selling METH was fired and than rehired back and was caught selling and using again and is still employeed there!?!? Do you not care about your repuation as a business...i use to go down there to purchase gas and pizza but seeing majority of who work there are drug addicts and one known drug dealer who works there and when i looked her criminal record up it shows she has several drug sale charges and she was hired and works at your store!?!? manager are aware of her current and past situatuon for they are the ones who fired her when she caught selling meth while working!! I was going to apply for a job there as they are having a hard time keeping employees which is not hard to understand considering what type of people they have working there but the one who was fired for selling meth on property while on companys time basically threatened me and said i would never be working at that store due to i hace confronted her about her selling meth as i am against it and dont do drugs or want it in area i am raising my children ..her name is Stephanie Lang and you might want to clean up the employees who are selling or using as it dont look good when see some of the employees high as a kite or selling dope on property of your business while on the clock as eventually yoy will start losing your customers over time. Again i want to remain annon. For my safety but i am sure if you drug test and did criminal background checks you would be terminating a few employees and getting decent people working in your store.

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