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Carter Eye Center review: When you hear the name Carter Eye Center, - RUN!

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Carter Eye Center

This company is full of bull*** They make all these grandios claims how they are better than other lasik companies. They are not. The Carter Eye Center is using old Technology and I have the bad Eye Sight to prove it. I am almost legally blind now thanks to Dr Carter.

When you hear the name Carter Eye center, Run


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 20, 2016 3:44 pm EDT

I know very well about Harvey Carter and his so-called "bed side manner". He's an arrogent a**hole that has the balls to say he's the best thing since sliced bread. Let me tel you one thing bud, you aren't as great as you want people to believe.
I worked for this slime ball for almost 2 years, I go in and ask for a raise, they immediately show me the door... yep, they fired me for asking for a raise.
I've heard many many people say they wouldn't trust their eyesight to this jerk because of his attitude and the way he treats patients and staff.

Nov 30, 2010 7:25 pm EST

My experience wasn't that great either. Although my vision is OK, I have a lot of issues seeing at night. Glare around lights and poor vision in low light. Daytime is OK although I'm seeing only 20/40 in one of my eyes. Had to have a 'correction' performed after the initial surgery and although I have another correction available, don't think I want to go under the laser/knife one more time!

Nov 07, 2009 1:36 am EST

I have also been horrified at Harvey Carter of Carter Eye Center, Dallas. I can not bring myself to address him as a Doctor! He has made false statements claiming that I had 20/20 after surgery? He never informed me of this? That is why I became a problem, I kept asking when was I going to see the improvements? I just kept getting one reason or another all the way from: you are just healing slower than most, during one visit it was determined that one of the eye tube's that Carter said 5min. before surgrey that I needed ($350.00) on top of the $4000.00 ( I bought the best plan offered for the 20/20 gurantee!) had fallen out and I would need to pay for another, I became just a tad upset so the tech said he would just put a new one in and wouldn't tell. He said Carter would be really upset if he found out? They had only been in a little over 8mo. When that didn't help the tech said he knew Carter wouldn't approve an enhancement surgrey. I ask why and he said he would see if Carter was available to see me? That's when it became apparent that this little arrogant jerk had no intentions of trying to fix my eyesight nor did it seem to bother him in the least that I was very upset! I have tried to get the financier to help me but short of Neon signs over the little office to talk about pmt. this financial instition would be crazy to rule against this man! The Medical Board is still investigating my complaint at this time, Carter has sent a letter threating me with harrasment? This little man is evil! I also noticed that the possitive feedback above was posted on the same date? 500days ago? strange! I also have eye glasses once again w/ the same sentiments of knowing Carter for his bad behavior and as a poor doctor? I can only hope the Medical Board will hold him accountable. It's just wrong to steal people blind!

Oct 14, 2009 1:56 pm EDT

I think Jane is just out for Dr. Carter. My experience as well as my family's and friends' had been nothing short of wonderful! Thank you Dr. Carter and staff! I'll be coming back to you in the future if I ever need anthing.

Jul 28, 2009 3:11 pm EDT

I am not completely sure what result the writer intended for the complaint above. The results of my experience with Carter eyecare was phenonemal. I have had corrective lenses since the age of 18 months old. It was a large decision to have Crystalens because I already knew what it is to not see. I was only told by Dr. Carter that I was correctable to 20/25 and actually got 20/20 in one eye. Every surgery or procedure, performed by a human being, is a risk and someone considering a procedure must determine if they can live with the worst result prior to consenting. As a patient, I don't care, nor is it my business what Dr. Carter's philosophy of life or the world is, as long as he gives me the best care he is capable of.

Apr 07, 2009 6:33 pm EDT

I also have had the Harvy Cater experience which was completely bad! I struggle with my sight everyday and there is no solution. I have seen many specialists since my Lasik with Cater and they all are very aware of Cater and his practice. One doctor put it best: Dr. Cater does not have a medical practice, he practices medicine.

Mar 16, 2009 11:09 am EDT

I only have clear vision out of one eye now, the other is very cloudy despite several surgeries. Dr. Carter has attempted to fix the problem but has not been successful. I do give him credit for being responsive, but having my eyesight severely compromised is worse than I thought possible going in. The particularly bad thing is I am not even correctable now in that eye. Very disappointed - I would not do it again if I knew what I know now.

Sep 30, 2008 5:30 pm EDT

I also had a very bad experience with Dr. Carter who completely blotched my lasik experience. I now can only see 20/30 with a hard contact and the best they can correct with glasses is 20/50. I have seen numerous doctors since and they are all aware of Dr. Carter's handiwork. One of them summed it up perfectly: 'Dr Carter does not have a medical practice, he practices medicine'!

Jun 24, 2008 12:21 pm EDT

Dr. Carter is a fantastic eye surgeon. My visit to Carter Eye Center was very wonderful. I was treated like a queen by all of his staff including Dr. Carter. I never felt better about spend my money for something that is consider elective surgery. I do and will continue to recommend Dr. Harvey Carter and his clinic Carter Eye Center for all of your eye needs.

Jun 24, 2008 12:03 pm EDT

Dr.Carter is one of the best eye surgeons around. I got lasik done last year and he made me feel completely comfortable. He fixed my nearsightness and I have not had any problems since. I was referred to him by my friend who was also a patient and she had the same experience. I have never been treated so well by a doctor. I would refer him to anyone that is looking for any kind of eye surgery.

Jun 24, 2008 11:56 am EDT

I believe Dr. Carter is a gifted surgeon with a skill level that is unparalleled in the metroplex. While some patients may want to be coddled and hand held, Dr Carter gives you the straight-forward truth. He is honest and sincere. He goes out of his way to do what's best for his patients.

I have been a patient of his for several years. He performed my Lasik and Crystalens procedures and I couldnt be happier. I have also referred everyone I know to Carter Eye Center because of their professional and courteous nature.

I would tell everyone to listen to the facts and not the crazy ramblings of the previous commentator. Dr Harvey L Carter and Carter Eye Center are the epitome of Opthalmic excellence.

Jun 24, 2008 11:55 am EDT

Wow, if only that made the slightest of sense...

I can only say, in much smaller words than my friend up here, that I have had LASIK performed on my eyes by "Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas" and have been completely happy with the outcome. "Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas" had a very positive and friendly attitude the whole time I met with him. I have also referred several family members and friends who have had amazing results. I believe that "Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas" is an amazing surgeon, and it sounds to me like the author of this never ending run on mess of a sentence is the one with the problems.

Jun 24, 2008 9:44 am EDT

Dr. Carter performed my Custom Wavefront LASIK procedure several years ago and I have had 20/15 vision ever since. I was very pleased with my overall experience and have referred several co-workers and friends to Carter Eye Center for LASIK. All of my referals have had a great experience also.

Jan 12, 2008 4:21 am EST

Not everyone is a candidate for blade free lasik. Just throwing that out there. A lot of people are swept in by the low prices heard on tv or the radio. While the prices(sometimes only a few hundred dollars per eye) do exist it only does for people with certain easily fixable conditions.

Sep 30, 2007 4:26 pm EDT

Dr Carter of the Carter eye center in Dallas Texas not only stole my sight but also stole my money. My glasses are like reading through the bottom of coke bottles now. He was arrogant and the lasik was just blade lasik. Not the intralase that was advertised. They also used false advertising tactics.

Prolix. Contemptuous. Headstrong. In case you can't tell, I'm making a direct reference to Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center. For practical reasons, I have to confine my discussion to areas that have received insufficient public attention or in which I have something new to say. I'm not the first to mention that he floats with the tide of inaniloquent, petty sexism, especially when driven by the gravitational pull of irreligionism. So don't feed me any phony baloney about how mediocrity and normalcy are ideal virtues. That's just not true.
Harvey has remarked that the purpose of life is self-gratification. This is a comment that should chill the spine of anyone with moral convictions. To make sure you understand, I'll spell it out for you. For starters, Harvey maintains that the Earth is flat. Perhaps it would be best for him to awaken from his delusional narcoleptic fantasyland and observe that we must search for solutions that are more creative and constructive than the typically quasi-wishy-washy ones championed by crapulous curmudgeons. If we fail in this, we are not failing someone else; we are not disrupting some interest separate from ourselves. Rather, it is we who suffer when we neglect to observe that there is one crucial fact that we must not overlook if we are to perceive our current situation as it is, rather than in the anamorphosis of some "ideology" such as racism or racialism. Specifically, Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is the hypostatization of hedonism. How much more illumination does that fact need before Harvey can grasp it? Assuming the answer is "a substantial amount", let me point out that every time Dr. Carter tries to do Lasik but the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas gets caught trying to sell otherwise perfectly reasonable people the idée fixe that puerile spoilsports are inherently good, sensitive, creative, and inoffensive, he promises he'll never do so again. Subsequently, his gofers always jump in and explain that he really shouldn't be blamed even if he does, because, as they claim, he is the way, the truth, and the light.
Contrary to what Harvey would have you believe, we are observing the change in our society's philosophy and values from freedom and justice to corruption, decay, cynicism, and injustice. All of these "values" are artistically incorporated in one person: Harvey L Carter. If I may be permitted to make an observation, I normally prefer to listen than to speak. I would, however, like to remind Harvey that it doesn't do us much good to become angry and wave our arms and shout about the evils of his claims in general terms. If we want other people to agree with us and join forces with us, then we must report as best as possible the facts and circumstances surrounding his parasitic half-measures.
Okay, now it's time to offend a few people. Actually, I hope not to offend anyone, although if one could get a Ph.D. in Marxism, Harvey would be the first in line to have one. I despise everything about him. I despise his attempts to caricature and stereotype people from other cultures. I despise how he insists that bad things "just happen" (i.e., they're not caused by Harvey himself). Most of all, I despise Harvey's complete obliviousness to the fact that if you're the type who dares to think for yourself, then you've probably already determined that Harvey deeply believes that it's okay to hammer a few more nails into the coffin of freedom. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the truth is very simple: Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is a very hidebound little man. And let me tell you, one could truthfully say that authority without wisdom is mere noise against the music of eternity. But saying that would miss the real point, which is that he has gotten away with so much for so long that he's lost all sense of caution, all sense of limits. If you think about it, only a man without any sense of limits could desire to make bribery legal and part of business as usual. Harvey hates it when you say that I haven't the foggiest idea why he wants to deplete the ozone layer. He really hates it when you say that. Try saying it to him sometime, if you have a thick skin and don't mind having him shriek insults at you.
I alluded to this earlier, but Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is thoroughly versipellous. When he's among plebeians, Harvey warms the cockles of their hearts by remonstrating against narcissism. But when Harvey's safely surrounded by his associates, he instructs them to redefine success and obscure failure. That type of cunning two-sidedness tells us that Harvey's spokesmen's thinking is fenced in by many constraints. Their minds are not free because they dare not be. He wonders why everyone hates him. Apparently, he never stopped to think that maybe it's because one of the goals of antagonism is to render meaningless the words "best" and "worst". Harvey admires that philosophy because, by annihilating human perceptions of quality, Harvey's own mediocrity can flourish. When I hear him say that there is something intellectually provocative in the tired rehashing of brainless stereotypes, I have to wonder about him. Is he completely clumsy? Is he simply being humorless? Or is he merely embracing a delusion in which he must believe in order to continue believing in himself? One might as well ask, "Why aren't our children being warned about Harvey in school?" The answer is obvious if you understand that Harvey says that mysticism can quell the hatred and disorder in our society. This is noxious falsehood. The truth is that his cringers believe that his sophistries won't be used for political retribution. This is precisely the non-equation that Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is trying to patch together. What he's missing, as usual, is that he can get away with lies (e.g., that he has mystical powers of divination and prophecy) because the average person cannot imagine anyone lying so brazenly. Not one person in a hundred will actually check out the facts for himself and discover that Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is lying.
Unsettling as that is, the more infuriating fact is that Harvey has convinced a lot of people that skin color means more than skill and gender is more impressive than genius. One must pause in admiration at this triumph of media manipulation. I want to make this clear, so that those who do not understand deeper messages embedded within sarcastic irony -- and you know who I'm referring to -- can process my point. Sick, villainous twaddlers can go right ahead and convict me for saying that Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is a waste product of biological evolution, but History, acting as the goddess of a higher truth and a higher justice, will one day smilingly tear up this verdict, acquitting me of all guilt and blame.
Harvey wants to implement an overweening parody of justice called "Harvey-ism", even though, for most people, this desire is neither necessary nor instinctive. And that's where we are right now. It is both frustrating and frightening to observe the extreme ignorance -- no, idiocy -- present in his "compromises". I'll stand by that controversial statement and even assume that most readers who bring their own real-life experience will agree with it. At a bare minimum, when it comes to Harvey's put-downs, I surely maintain that we have drifted along for too long in a state of blissful denial and outright complacency. It's time to pursue virtue and knowledge. The sooner we do that, the better, because I correctly predicted that Harvey would paint people of different races and cultures as pesky alien forces undermining the coherent national will. Alas, I didn't think he'd do that so effectively -- or so soon.
Harvey's favorite tactic is known as "deceiving with the truth". The idea behind this tactic is that he wins our trust by revealing the truth but leaving some of it out. This makes us less likely to clean up the country and get it back on course again.
For proof of this ongoing tragedy, one has only to realize that our national media is controlled by fastidious prigs (especially the unbridled type). That's why you probably haven't heard that I am not a robot. I am a thinking, feeling, human being. As such, I get teary-eyed whenever I see Harvey create an atmosphere of mistrust, in which speculations and rumors gain the appearance of viability and compete openly with more carefully considered theories. It makes me want to scrap the entire constellation of moonstruck ideas that brought us to our present point, which is why I'm so eager to tell you that I, speaking as someone who is not a putrid polemic, stand by what I've written before, that there must be justice for all of us or there will be peace for none. From this anecdotal evidence, I would argue that he claims that the Eleventh Commandment is, "Thou shalt push our efforts two steps backward". Predictably, he cites no hard data for that claim. This is because no such data exist. Harvey wants to turn our country into a jackbooted cesspool overrun with ###, disease, and crime. Who does he think he is? I mean, the public is like a giant that he has blindfolded, drugged, and gagged. This giant has plugs in his ears and Harvey leads him around by the nose. Clearly, such a giant needs to strip the unjust power from those who seek power over others and over nature. That's why I feel obligated to notify the giant (i.e., the public) that Harvey's smears are evil. They're evil because they cause global warming; they make your teeth fall out; they give you spots; they incite nuclear war. And, as if that weren't enough, you should never forget the three most important facets of Harvey's endeavors, namely their blockish origins, their internal contradictions, and their tendentious nature. Harvey needs some serious professional help. I could write pages on the subject, but the following should suffice. Harvey maintains that either he can achieve his goals by friendly and moral conduct or that he is the most recent incarnation of the Buddha. Harvey denies any other possibility. Given the amount of misinformation that he is circulating, I must clearly point out that he should learn to appreciate what he has instead of feeling so oppressed because he can't do everything he wants, every time he wants to. I don't believe that it's okay for Harvey to indulge his every whim and lust without regard for anyone else or for society as a whole. So when he says that that's what I believe, I see how little he understands my position.
Like I said, Harvey's planning to exploit issues such as the global economic crisis and the increase in world terrorism in order to instigate planet-wide chaos. Planet-wide chaos is his gateway to global tyranny, which will in turn enable him to transform our little community into a global crucible of terror and gore. If you observe some repetition in my statements, it is because such repetition is needed for clarity and emphasis as I tackle the multinational death machine that Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center in Dallas Texas is currently constructing. His words sound so noble, but in fact, I frequently wish to tell him that this makes his conclusions seem improvident and even a bit intransigent. But being a generally genteel person, however, I always bite my tongue. At the same time, his inclinations may have been conceived in idealism, but they quickly degenerated into mealymouthed, slimy exclusionism. From a purely technical point of view, if we are to act honorably, then we must be guided by a healthy and progressive ideology, not by the morally questionable and feeble-minded ideologies that Harvey promotes. On a closing note, I hope that this letter, while incomplete, informal, and having no authority except its own inner strength and conviction, has clearly demonstrated to you that Dr. Harvey L Carter of the Carter Eye Center bases his prognoses on the belief that the Universe belongs to him by right.


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