Carter Eye Center, Dallaseye exam


My wife and I had joint appointments at Carter Eye Center in Dallas.
We went through the exams together, saw the same staff and did the same test. At the end we saw the same Doctor.
Shortly after we were there we got a !00.00 dollar bill for my wife's exam.
I immediately called the office to see why we had a balance. After a brief hold on the phone the lady told me that they had only filed for Medicare and not her supplement insurance. They had done both for my exam. She said it was their mistake and they would immediately file.
Now several months later, and no bills from Carter, we receive a collection letter from Southwest Recovery Services saying our account has been turned over to them for collection.
We have not followed up with any treatment anywhere but when we do it will not be at Carter Eye Center.
It is not a well run eye factory.

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