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Complaints & Reviews

jandy lxi heater by zodiac and carlton pool

To whom it may concern:

Freed, Philip
1 Smith Road
Flemington, NJ 08822

Pool installed by Carlton as new. Few years later, purchased a heater from Zodiac. It has broken every year. Zodiac came out 2 times and recommended increasing pressure to gas lines which has $3000+ expense. Did not resolve issue. Proactively began working with Charles in service (replacing Donna who has intimate knowledge of history). Pool went down last year 2018. Carlton Tech diagnosed issue to be resolved when opening a week ago 2019. Charles confirmed long standing history with this model from Zodiac. I had legal confirm history of similar issues is reported and known to manufacturer which is discoverable. All proactive resolutions steps not followed by Carlton. 4 phone calls to Charlie since pool opened and commitment from tech who opened pool to get resolved with Charlie (tech cell 267.246.0683 Paul (Time Stamp: [protected]@6:14PM). Heater has broken annually without resolution through warranty every year under Carlton and Zodiac/Jandy program). Attempts to resolve without further mitigation today in emails and conversations with Paul Rose and email to Zodiac Representatives "Jeffery". This is a breach of terms as professional installation and directives under warranty were followed via installation of Carlton. I solicit your resolution in next 10 business days. Also I request all records related to my pool and heater are retained until a resolution is identified. Philip Freed

Does not stand behind their product

We had a concrete swimming pool built the summer of 2004. Price was $31, 228.00 and we paid cash. It came with a "Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty" which was one of the reasons we chose Carlton not to mention their pool quality comparison chart documenting that they offer wide shoulders & sidewalls, deep frost beams, thick shotcrete at stress points and 4000 psi certified concrete. The second season (2005) cracks started erupting throughout the pool. We called to report these issues with Steve with no follow up on Carltons end. It took hundreds of phone calls to finally get someone to come out to inspect. Finally, a few years later they came, decided it was a bad batch of concrete so they were going to jackhammer it out and replace it. They did and it started cracking again the next season. We have called millions of times and no one EVER calls us back. A man did come out this summer one morning and tried to caulk some of the cracks on the stairs; however, he only did a few of the cracks on the top stairs and it looks AWFUL. There are lots of them throughout the entire pool. We are so disappointed that we chose Carlton to build our pool and would like nothing better than to have it fixed and stay. We get extremely tired of calling a few times a week asking for someone to please return our call and figure out what do do about this. I would not recommend Carlton to anyone. They don't stand behind what they sell or put in writing.

Bad concrete

We had a concrete swimming pool built the summer of 2004. Price was $31, 228.00 and we paid cash. It came...

Our horror story

5th year with our Carlton pool. Multiple crack repairs, complete jackhammer repair last year with hydraulic cement and replaster. This year told we have to completely replace it due to original concrete recipe issues. Now arguing with them on when/how they will fix. They'll say anything to your face (when you can get them to respond) but likely to do something much less. Wish me luck - they said they would take it out in September and its late October. Customer service is virtually non existent, and this story doesn't include all the other issues in installation, contracting, etc we endured.

  • Ke
    KevKim May 24, 2013

    I also had a concrete pool put in June 2005. The plaster on the steps is cracking - looks like the steps are sinking. I have called so many times I lost count. The construnction and repair departments are the worst. They NEVER return phone calls and if they by chance actually answer - the person you need to talk to is not there! They finally came last summer and filled the cracks and it looks like crap. The cracks are much worse this year and I dread the interaction with these A-holes that will be necessary. I expect the run around, being lied to, put off delayed and ignored.
    Maybe a bunch of us should pull together and hire an attorney to make sure our pools are fixed in a timely manner.

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  • Gr
    Grant Kehler Jun 27, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did they fix it?

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Worst service ever

We have spent $70, 000 for a pool that was to be completed and promised several times by 9/7 so my husband could have a family event before his 49 year old sister died. She died 2 weeks ago. They are 5 weeks post promise date and there have been numerous problems. Most importantly - NO COMMUNICATION and NO ONE CARES. Today after my husband was pushed over the edge due to POOR work - cracks in the pool, delay here and there (and the weather has been good, so that can't be used) they said "well, we'll come back in the spring and finish it." I am so mad I refuse to talk to my husband. Whoever Nikki is is a joke. If you call her or anyone else they do not call. Heck Steve was to call me when he got back from lunch 3 weeks ago. NICE LUNCH. The saleman sold my husband. I do not trust or respect this company. I've had many major projects done at my house and I have never encountered such a HORRIFIC organization in all of my life. THE WORST. Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt but this is a poorly managed company and someone there needs to read the book THE PURPLE COW, because they are not. They are Goodwill only at Lord and Taylor Prices. Someone said why did you go cheap. $70, 000 is cheap??

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Poor relationship

I also have had a poor repor with the comapny. the salesman dropped the ball and seemed disorganized from the begiining and your pool will not be finished when the contract says it will be. when i called to talk to the owner- joe solana the third, he was extremely rude and sais just take us to court- they did my families pool 25 yrs ago when joe solana sr was around and he was fine. no problems then. generation 3 results in poor attitude and poor referrals now i guess. very diasappointed in the company. wish i researched more than just better business bureau.

Worst ever

They are the worst!!! They do not hold up to their promises, it took weeks to get anyone out for the survey, then about another 6 weeks for them to SUBMIT the permits (this should be done in a few days) then during the job they would not show up for weeks at a time, it took about 4 months for them to finish my pool, my friend had one done and it took a total of 5 weeks from the permit phase to completion!! I would rather swim in a kiddie pool than ever build with them again!! What a nightmare this was and it took the fun out of the pool for the first summer we had it because of the nightmare process.

ALSO - during the process they kept trying to raise the cost for this and that saying it was not included in original price and everything WAS>>> What a bunch of liars, cheaters and NOT in the consumers best interest...


  • Pi
    pissed ex-customer Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Carlton Pools does not stand buy their work. Good luck getting them to address any problems you have with your pool after they install it and are fully paid. They basically tell you that you your issue is not under your warranty even if the issue arises days after the pool install. And good luck if you have a pool install at the end of the season - they leave your issues unresolved and have amnesia when they return in the spring. Especially if you are dealing with Paul the service mamanger.

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Consumer beware!

May 09, we signed a contract with Carlton Pools, Collegeville, gave them $1, 000 deposit for their kidney shaped pool for 30, 000.00. It was supposed to be in place by July 6, 2009. We cut down trees in preparation and we planned a party for our granddaughter in August.THEN NOTHING HAPPENED!

It took 4 weeks for them to pick up an application from our township, 6 weeks till someone came out to view our property, 8 weeks to find out we needed a topo, 10 weeks to find out we needed 2 variances, so on and so on. Our granddaughter was very disappointed, our yard a mess, our trees are cut down to 4' and we still DO NOT have a pool in 2010.

The only thing they were QUICK AT was CASHING OUR CHECK and putting up an advertizement sign in our front yard! Even before we saw anyone.

I spoke to the owner about their pessimissim, why put in a pool in October just to close it. He had our deposit, I wanted to be first in the spring of 2010 like their ad says deposit now get this years price.

He said he would not honor the same price because they would only profit a few thousand dollars not that it's the old "BAIT & SWITCH" but usually people enhance their pool HIS EXACT WORDS! We didn't matter because he didn't make enough profit.

After reading the horrors of the people who did get a Carlton pool, apparently their product is as bad as their customer service. Maybe I was lucky after all. Consumer beware!

  • El
    Elena and Bill Kinney Jun 13, 2015

    We had a Carlton Pool built in the fall of 2002 and opened it in 2003. First, in 2006, the pool vacuum stopped working. A hole in the line caused by "who knows what" was blamed. Carlton didn't back their product because another pool company opened and closed our pool. In 2008, the chlorinator stopped working. Next, in the summer of 2014, the pool is losing water rapidly. I called American Leak Detection to find the leak. The men pull up in the truck, take one look at the pool, and say "I hope this isn't a Carlton Pool. They build the pipes underneath the shell. This could be a major repair." Two hours and $400 later, yep, it's a MAJOR repair. They said that pools built by Carlton Pools keeps them in business. This is a constant problem. The estimate to repair it and rip up my decking and yard is $5, 800. We brought them to small claims court. Big shot president of the company even shows up. They said that I didn't ALWAYS use the chlorinator - the 3 inch chlorine tablets should not go in the skimmers (3 in each of the 2 skimmers at a time). It does not state that in any of the material that they gave us when it was built. It does state that there are 2 ways to chlorinate a pool - chlorinator and skimmers. Every pool company I have spoken to says that the tablets can go in the baskets. It is the cheap piping that Carlton uses that deteriorates. The judge ruled with Carlton Pools -millionaire won! Never will I recommend this company. The neighbor up the road just put a Carlton Pool in their yard. It's time for a sympathy card in their mailbox.

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Poor construction issues

I am writing to warn anyone considering contracting Carlton Pools to install their inground pool. My husband and I choose Carlton Pools to install our pool in the spring of 1998. Inspite of the higher price quote, we believed the reputation of the company. Within the next two years, Carlton had to send someone to correct problems with the pool. The first problem was a loose light fixture at the deep end of the pool. The second problem addressed loose tiles and two pieces of coping. Both problems were resolved without resistance by Carlton.

In the fourth and fifth year, tile and coping problems persisted. Carlton was called and they subsequently sent the subcontractor to remedy the situation. By the sixth year, major portions of tile were falling off the sides and coping was coming separating from the surround. I placed a call once again to Carlton sending documentation via e-mail. Carlton's response was that the tile and coping had only a three year warranty. I stated that this was an on-going problem started well before the warranty expired AND the fact that they serviced the pool in the fourth and fifth year supported my contention that they were responsible to fix the problem.

The pool company's response shocked me. What I was told was, "We never left an invoice so you can't prove we ever did any work." My husband was infuriated. He called and asked to speak with customer service and within the conversation, he too was shocked. He was told, " Yeah, Carlton never tells anyone that there needs to be waterproofing installed--I don't know why. We can do it for $2000 OR if you want, I can do it myself and save you $500."

We next sought to resolve the situation through our township consumer mediation group. After investigating and interceding on our behalf, our township representative called us and told us that, if we wanted resolution, we need to find it in court. He also added that he hoped we would pursue this in court. The company owner told him that that is the only way he would address the poor construction issues.

The company did sent a representative to assess the damage. He left a repair estimate for $11, 000 (6 years after installation). The initial cost of the pool was approximately $25, 000.

I would never use this company again for anything nor would I recommend them. They opened a showroom in Richboro, PA because there is a lot of business in reconstruction. Most of it is probably their faulty work. If you decide to try your luck with Carlton, be sure to get an invoice each and every time you have them come out.

I will add pictures at a later date. I am hoping that my son will feature a video of our pools pathetic state on his You Tube site.

  • Bo
    bobsmess Oct 06, 2009

    they trashed my pool. they quoted a price three times then after the start of job raise the price by 4 thousand. we nego. the price change to two thousand. it took 3 months to finish (mid november). job was realy bad, they have finally replaced the coping, a year later. it now oct. and they keep putting off fixing our black plaster or should we say light gray, bloche, cracked plaster. threats of law suit go unanswered. there all subs for this co. they just do not care for there work. and now the coping looks great there is mortar all over my new paver deck. i guess thats up to us to try to clean.

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Pool construction

Carlton Pools in PA built our pool 3.5 uyears ago. The tiles on the Hot tub are falling off. Of course the warranity was for three years, and our pool has been running for 3.5 years. What a scam.
We are not rich people, and this pool was a major investiment for us We thought we picked a good company. Think twice before you pick Carlton. If thing are going wrong in this short of time, what will our pool be like in ten years when we will just be paying off the pool loan. I AM VERY UNHAPPY

Resolved Don't do business with them

Carlton tries to bully people into their contracts. They put contingent upon financing, you get denied and they try to not let you out of the contract, as well as trying to tell you can not build with any other company for two years. Who are they to tell someone what they can do with their own money on their own property, just because of being denied for credit.

Other people have told me horror stories, like they designed their pool wrong and tried to make them pay an extra $10, 000! For their mistake. Also, it took them 4 months to build their pool, so they did not even get to enjoy it for the first summer.

  • Je
    Jean Harwood Jul 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you so much for the information. I have searched Carlton Pools and have found VERY NEGATIVE INFO about this company. I absolutely WILL NOT USE them for my pool installation.

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  • Mr
    Mr. D May 26, 2009

    I found this article useless. I am in the process of hiring a contractor to build my pool and Carlton is one of the pool companies I am considering. I have to honest and say that I have done a lot of homework including calling the local consumer protection agency and Carlton gets very good reviews. What I dont understand from the author of this article is your intent? Was it to just bad mouth Carlton or did you actually have a problem with them...as you did not state the actual problem you had!

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  • Ni
    nichols1964 Aug 11, 2009

    I have to agree. CArlton is a good ole' boys club with insecuriy issues. As a company they have little interest in customer satisfaction. If you challange or, God for bid, have an original thought, they can not manage. They either respond as if you have spoken a different language or they get their back up. It is ashame. I wanted to believe in them, but it was a mistake. Also, they will tell you that they have no subcontractors, but they subcontract the electric work and Henney is a nightmare. (not sure if that is spelled correctly). Mr. D. if you want specifics I would be more then happy to give them to you, but not in a public forum, yet anyway.

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  • Cr
    Cracked Aug 18, 2009

    Carlton is a irreputable company and does not stand behind the work what so ever. I have a pool from them that has a crack after a year. They avoided addressing the issue and now are not willing ot correct the problem. They are willing to patch it as cheap as possible. But I am sure after a year you do not wnat a pool that with a crack. Think long and hard if you did not sign the contract yet and if you did. God help you if you have a problem.

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  • Gi
    Ginadane May 15, 2011

    They are full of empty promises. I am from the Toms River, NJ area, and the store in that area should NOT be visited with any form of pool repair installation in mind. For one, they are completely overpriced. Second, the manager at that store, Henry Munich and his installer, Chris, do not know the first thing about how to treat a customer. I was promised that my pool problem would be taken care of, and 3 months later, I haven't heard back from them. When I called the store manager to find out what was going on, he bascially told me that the problem is out of his hands and that I need to contact the installer. The problem with that is the installer never calls back. The store manager also told me that he won't be able to have these conversations with me any longer because the pool season will be getting busy. So basically, because I am only having a partial installation done, they don't care about me. If you are getting an entire pool put in, that's a deifferent story because money is the most important thing to them...not customer service. I have found a wonderful pool company in Green Brook, NJ...Sunpools. Ask for Bruce! He is fantastic and so are his installers!!!

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Resolved Stay away from them

If I was in the hospital dying with cancer and Carlton said they had the cure I would pass on having them implement the remedy. This outfit can't do anything right and the owner doesn't even care.

Installing a pool is a multi step process; and they screwed up ever step

I suspect the Carlton motto is "Why do it right the first time with professionals when you can employ ###s and have them do things that only escapees from a nut house would do.

My pet dogs are smarter than the Carlton crew and management combined and the piece of crap owner doesn't have a single desire to make you a satisfied customer.

  • Se
    sewser May 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Carlton Pools in PA built our pool 3.5 uyears ago. The tiles on the Hot tub are falling off. Of course the warranity was for three years, and our pool has been running for 3.5 years. What a scam.
    We are not rich people, and this pool was a major investiment for us We thought we picked a good company. Think twice before you pick Carlton. If thing are going wrong in this short of time, what will our pool be like in ten years when we will just be paying off the pool loan. I AM VERY UNHAPPY

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