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I booked a room for myself and a dog. I was charged 10.00 dollars more for the pet. I was charged $200.00 dollars more without being authorized by me 2 days later. The hotel said my dog peed on the cheap carpet. I was being charged for another dog peeling in the room. I was never notified of the charge or about supposedly about the dog peeing. I found out about the charge a week later by myself. The hotel says it is pet friendly, but this proves otherwise. Do not leave a credit card for deposit because this can happen to you too.

  • Updated by Mad cutomer · Feb 24, 2020

    The hotel Carlton Midway Hotel.

  • Ca
    cacitybird Feb 24, 2020

    Never stay in a hotel / motel with a pet in a room that has carpet. Always take pee pads with you lay them down in the bathroom. Works for me.

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